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Greenberg decided to substitute the term AA as a replacement for Hamito-Semitic (at first, he used the hyphenated term, "Afro-Asiatic"; however, this designation goes back to 1914--see my "Comparative Afroasiatic and General Genetic Linguistics" (with Peter T.
Diakonoff preferred the term Afrasian for what is also known as Hamito-Semitic or Semito-Hamitic, Erythraic (coined by Archibald N.
After an introduction the author offers what he calls "Basic Investigations" (in fact, a kind of preliminary study of Indo-European, Uralic, and Hamito-Semitic), then proceeds to Dravidian comparisons with the above-mentioned groups of languages, discusses sound correspondences and ends with a resume.
Perhaps an exception to this monolithic thematic treatment is Andrzej Zaborski's article, which situates Arabic first person pronouns in the context of "Hamito-Semitic dialectology" (the language family name "Afro-Asiatic" is preferable to the outmoded "Hamito-Semitic").
Two well-known European Afroasiaticists conclude the volume: Werner Vycichl, on Hamito-Semitic particles, and Andrzej Zaborski, on Modern South Arabian personal pronouns.
This part is rich in etymological ideas going far beyond the boundaries of the Tungusic world; in the etymologies Chinese, Dravidian, Sanskrit, Hamito-Semitic, Uralic, Japanese, Ryukyu, Korean, Gilyak, *Altaic, and *Nostratic are also quoted.
Greenberg already used this alternate for Hamito-Semitic in 1950; however, the term was originally coined by M.
131-52); and a factual survey of Hamito-Semitic languages that focuses on much debated definitions and terminology (pp.
Second, Semitic is not a primeval language but is itself a development from Afroasiatic (formerly "Hamito-Semitic").