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Dutch portrait and genre painter who endowed his portraits with vitality and humor (1580?-1666)


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As well as the group portraits by Frans Hals and Johannes Verspronck, the gift includes two works by Maerten van Heemskerck, and paintings by Dirck Hals, Cornelis Cornelisz van Haarlem, Nicolaes Roosendaal, Adriaan Backer, Frans Decker and a follower of Joachim Patenier.
Today, a variety of HALS compounds with different structures and application profiles are commercially available and shown in Fig.
Lowilite 76 and 77 monomeric HALS used to stabilize a range of olefin and engineering polymers.
The support acts who will accompany Hal on his tour include Mike Denver, below, who is currently playing to packed houses across the UK and is one of Ireland's top Country stars.
Since the commercialization of the first HALS, a variety of new HALS have been produced to meet numerous application-specific requirements.
Lowilite 62 oligomeric HALS, designe to minimize color formation during processing and exposure, also shows outstanding performance in carbon black filled systems.
Both UV-6435 and UV-4611 demonstrated less color shift than conventional HALS in PP molded samples.
New Hostavin N30 oligomeric HALS with very high HAS and HAT characteristics for polyolefins and engineering resins has a low pka value and will extend the long-term thermal stability of PP and PE while allowing formulators to reduce primary antioxidant levels and yellowing.
In uv stabilizers, there are new HALS and blends, primarily for polyolefins, that offer high activity and permanence and have lower interaction with pigments and halogens.
Speakers introduced novel uv and antioxidant chemistries, including reactive and polymer-bound types, as well as a developmental HALS for longer-lasting agricultural films.
Chemical structure of S-EED consists of two tetramethyl piperidine HALS groups chemically bound to an aromatic ring.
In uv stabilizers, all but a very few of the new entries are HALS types, including some low-cost versions and polymeric types with good permanence.
There's also a growing trend toward multicomponent systems combining HALS and uv absorbers to achieve optimal cost performance.
Luchem HA-R100 modified HALS is a white odorless solid that melts at 315-318 F.
Chimassorb 119 is also a popular HALS for polyolefins.