acyl halide

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organic compounds containing the group -COX where X is a halogen atom

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Taking into account the results obtained, it was assumed that if to use as a porophore halogenides of alkaline metals with different values of the melting point, it will be possible to change temperature conditions, at which condensates with maximal porosity will be formed.
Side by side with influence on morphological peculiarities of the crystallite growth under conditions of joint deposition of vapor flows of steel and alkaline metal halogenides, intensification of the volume diffusion will enable formation at boundaries of columnar crystallites of accumulations of defects such as vacancies, impurity atoms, etc.
It is shown that method of electron beam evaporation in vacuum of stainless steel and salts of the alkaline metal halogenides with different melting temperatures (chloral sodium and chloral potassium) allows producing in joint deposition of their vapor flows porous condensates, temperature dependence of porosity of which is of nonmonotonous character with maximum in the area of 0.
Methodology of deposition of porous condensates in electron beam evaporation and joint deposition of the stainless steel vapor phases and the alkaline metal halogenide on a preliminarily heated up to a certain temperature substrate is described in detail in [3].
Some results from Allium test with organic mercury halogenides.