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Synonyms for jack-o'-lantern

a pale light sometimes seen at night over marshy ground

lantern carved from a pumpkin

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The manure hit the fan in June when Barry admitted using skulduggery to win the Beckbury Allotment Association Halloween Pumpkin Competition in Shropshire.
The theme for Saturday's party is Spanish, because I'm using up Halloween pumpkin in a tasty stew with chickpeas, almonds and green beans.
THIS week we turn a squash into a spooky Halloween pumpkin.
When you carve your Halloween pumpkin, don't waste the seeds
99) tells of a lonely Halloween pumpkin who has waited all through October for someone to bring him home, despite his funny looks.
Jude Children's Research Hospital([R]) in October through the 16th annual Halloween Pumpkin Promotion.
HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN DISPLAY WHAT YOU WILL NEED 1 large pumpkin 1 wreath ring to fit a pumpkin in the middle Moss Stub wires made into small like hair pins Good handful of birch twigs or similar Autumnal foliage of different colours including berries Autumnal flowers eg.
99 SPEND PUMPKIN LIGHTS Halloween pumpkin string lights, www.
EMMA Bridgewater has produced this Halloween pumpkin mug that's perfect for Fright Night.
Children can carve a Halloween pumpkin, make their own broomstick, have their faces painted with a spooky design and help make a home for bats.
SNOWMEN replaced Halloween pumpkin lanterns yesterday as parts of Ireland were covered in a white blanket.
FALL HARVEST FESTIVAL: Pick your own Halloween pumpkin.
If the kids are in a rush to get out the door, whip up a Halloween pumpkin smoothie.
Halloween Pumpkin carvings Katya |John via Facebook
if you fancy a trip out to Cannon Hall Farm, you can take part in the Halloween Pumpkin Festival, running from October 25 to November 1.