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a member of a people of southeastern China (especially Hong Kong, Canton, and Taiwan) who migrated from the north in the 12th century

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a dialect of Chinese spoken in southeastern China by the Hakka

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Now the second-largest ethnic group in the country, the ancestors of Taiwan's Hakka people migrated from China's Guangdong or Fujian Province as early as the 17th century, when the island was colonized by the Dutch.
Originally constructed by ancestors of the local Hakka people, these distinctive circular fortresses have thick, imperforate walls of rammed earth.
Council of Hakka Affairs builds Hakka language ability exam and related certificates for Hakka people.
He convinced the Basel and Rhenish Missions to expand work in China, resulting in the conversion of many Hakka people.
The Chinese Revolution as a Hakka Enterprise' offers the most fascinating discovery of the large proportion of Hakka people within the leading ranks of the Chinese revolution.
Hakka people, who speak Hakka dialect, are one of the main ethnic communities among Taiwanese, Chinese mainlanders, and Aboriginals in contemporary Taiwan.
I took a 8mm camera through the Hakka communities [the Hakka people are one of Taiwan's ethnic minorities].
Huang said the logo's four colors -- brown, blue, orange, white -- represent the island's four major ethnic groups, Taiwanese, mainlanders, Hakka people and aboriginal tribes.
Branner thus finds the language of the Hakka people "indistinguishable in a rigorous way from some of the other southern and central dialect groups, apart from Miin" (p.
Li Qiao's heroes are Hakka people with their own language and their own "old country" in Guangdong.
While Wu's main objective is to attend a meeting of Hakka people from around the globe in Xiamen on Monday and Tuesday, he has not ruled out meeting high-ranking Chinese officials during his trip.
Within a day's drive (providing you have the right driver and a well serviced car) lie the beginnings of a landscape dominated by the rammed earth dwellings of the Hakka people.
The second chapter on ethnicity includes Hakka people and aboriginals in Chiayi County, the number of surnames and the distribution of surnames and clans.
There are about three million Hakka people living in Taiwan, making them the country's largest ethnic minority.
Lawmaker Luke Wu, who will accompany the KMT vice chairman on his trip, said Wu will participate in a meeting of Hakka people from around the globe and might meet Chinese officials.