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a double pronged pin used to hold women's hair in place

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"What does Mr Couples make of your hairclip? Has he got one in his bag?" No smile but he changed the subject.
"We also discovered she'd swallowed bits from a comb, the jewel from a hairclip and even been munching prawn crackers."
"I found a hairclip and the shoe that my brother said he had seen earlier.
She wrote to the star's daughter asking for a memento, like a hairclip.
When my reporter approached for a chat and a photo Nat, whose hairclip had fallen out, turned on her heels and said: "No, I've got somewhere to be.
Hobb ruffle pounds 189 Love nec pounds 225, from and Mons diamante hairclip, pounds Moss pi stripe shi each or tw
"It was really funny on the day we shot it as the stylist was bringing each outfit out one by one, and outfit 7 of the day was ust a hairclip," she added.
"We had the same piece, made of pearls and crystals, on the back of my bridesmaids' dresses, on the place settings, the cake and even my hairclip."
He said the woman - who wore a black sweater, grey trousers and red hairclip in court - "presented very differently" compared with when she was given the original 26-week suspended jail term.
Bird's-eye View Peacock feather fan hairclip, $28, Juno & Jove.
There were Hobbs scarves, Chanel earrings, a Gucci handbag, Jackie O-style sunglasses, a butterfly necklace with matching hairclip, bangles, beads and brooches, a 50s-sized hardcase purse, barelyworn paisley heels, a Topshop wide belt, M&S slingbacks...
Some 20 years before the film's main action, the two girls saw a wedding at the Plaza and kept a mislaid hairclip belonging to the bride as a keepsake in a special box dedicated to weddings - all illustrated in those outmoded stills.
THIS week's instalment should be subtitled `The Curious Incident of the Hairclip'.
Sullivan, wearing a dark jacket and with her blonde hair pulled back with a brown hairclip, read her plea from a card handed to her by a court official.
Charlotte wore an adorable blue hairclip and matching cardigan at the Houghton Hall International Horse Trials.