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a band worn around or over the head

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But Jolan, hair ribbon slightly awry, what young grief draws her faint brows together and pouts her soft mouth?
Piotrus, a little boy who runs errands with his mother, asks questions about a poster warning innocent girls of the world's dangers, caresses Alina's lost hair ribbon, and is enraptured by Salome's perfume.
STEP1: I gathered together some shells, some small silver leaves, pearls from an old necklace, some scraps of leather in different colours and a length of gold hair ribbon.
You also need scissors, a hair ribbon, one silver pan scourer (make sure it's unused), needle and cotton and a white polystyrene tray (free from last night's Chinese).
Perhaps it's my clothes: Trying to see whether I'll become another arrest statistic, I dressed that day as a low-income Mexican woman looking for work, holding a market bag, and wearing plastic sandals, a cheap hair ribbon, and a brown polyester skirt.
Threading her way between these two factions this chilly Saturday morning is a lone woman-make that girl-wearing sweat pants, a hair ribbon, and braces.
50S WOMAN- poodle skirt, short-sleeved sweater, hair ribbon, bobby socks and shoes
But his choice of hair ribbon and mini skirt leaves a lot to be desired.
Looking like a character out of Little House On The Prairie -- it's the cutesy brown velvet hair ribbon and matching belt that does it -- with a touch of something a little less wholesome thrown in thanks to the tightly stretched nude coloured top, the usually perfectly preened Nicole appears slightly odd.
Instead, they tied a blue and gold hair ribbon on a branch as a symbol for their return for Saturday's meet.
Steaming into the place at the head of a six woman posse I felt as if I should have been wearing a Chanel suit, toting a Fendi baguette handbag and trailing a prissy poodle with red polka dot hair ribbon and jewelled collar behind me.
But apparently it was fruit-picking excursions on the mountain side above Llanfairfechan that first got Janet Street-Porter - in ankle socks and hair ribbon - hooked on rambling.
Christina's mother has also discovered that her darling child can go rigid from hair ribbon to socks and project her voice over several counties if suddenly scooped up from the port-cullis of the bouncy castle without warning and forced back into her buggy.
of hair ribbons in London, these versatile looks work for day or night - the only prerequisite is that you have long enough hair.
From the sleekest, chicest ponytail you've ever seen (a massive hit at the New York shows) to beautifully messy braids in Milan and the return of hair ribbons in London, these versatile looks work for day or night - the only prerequisite is that you have long enough hair.