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a storm during which hail falls

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Siciliano, who is 52, became familiar with hailstorms after moving to the Dallas area from his native Chicago 23 years ago.
Graphic Shows Texas Hailstorms in June 2019; Source: HailWatch via ICT
The rains and hailstorms have destroyed mango orchards in southern Punjab.
Fayyaz ul Hasan Bhutta, another progressive farmer and General Secretary Livestock Breeders Association Pakistan based out of Multan, said, 'Hailstorms have caused some damage across the region, but the scale of the damage is uneven.
aACoe26 people died and 5 injured due to the rain, storm, lightning and hailstorms during February 14-15 across Uttar Pradesh.
Residents of Limassol mountainous areas said that Tuesday's hailstorms and mudslides dealt the 'final blow' to crops.
The hailstorm lasted about 30 minutes, according to Novie Pojas, a staff at the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (PDRRMC) who witnessed the rare weather phenomenon.
Alexander Akopov, a Ukrainian pilot, was awarded a national medal of courage by Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, for showing exceptional skill at landing a plane last week, whose windscreen was smashed by hailstorm, it was reported Monday.
He said due to hailstorm branches of tree get dried and pruning was necessary for growth of kinnow plants as most of the time these branches would damage the plant and it also attracted diseases and pests.
He said that citrus orchards were affected badly due to strong hailstorm last year while it was also occurred during current monsoon season, adding that farmers should visit the Kinnow orchards as it was most necessary to get best produce.
Although hailstorms in Britain are only occasional, when they become severe, it is best to be wise and take precautions.
A new study in Nature Geoscience has now linked tornadoes and hailstorms to ENSO activity, meaning that researchers "can forecast how active the spring tornado season will be based on the state of El Nino or La Nina in December or even earlier," according to the study's lead author, John Allen of the International Research Institute for Climate and Society at Columbia University's Earth Institute.
HAFIZABAD -- Most of the villages of the district received heavy rain followed by hailstorms on Wednesday.
In 2012-13, the Marathwada and Vidarbha regions were affected by drought which was followed by heavy rain and in 2013-14 hailstorms created havoc.
Muscat: Light to moderate rains accompanied by hailstorms was witnessed in different parts of Muscat and Sohar, Tuesday evening.