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small pellet of ice that falls during a hailstorm

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The rain and hailstones also caused suspension of power supply to various regions.
Balfron Rovers: Skinner; Reid, A Hailstones, M Hailstones, Buchanan; Kelly, R Hailstones, McLaren, S Ross; M Ross and Meggat.
Students of GEMS Our Own Indian School in Al Quoz were thrilled to see pellets of hailstones falling down all over their campus, the school's principal Lalitha Suresh confirmed to Gulf News .
One resident tweeted a picture of himself clutching a ball of hailstones in Shirley, while another posted a photograph of a hailstone the size of his fingernail.
Hailstones were collected following thunderstorm passages and were measured, weighed, and scanned.
Caption: Hail is typically a warm-season occurrence, and the stronger the updraft within a thunderstorm, the better the chance of seeing larger hailstones. If your local weather station predicts the possibility of hail, take cover in a sturdy structure.
In Lemington, Newcastle, blue skies suddenly turned dark, as huge hailstones began to rain from the sky.
Hailstones are thrown up and down within a thunder cloud, picking up ice as it circles around in the cloud.
NOT even giant hailstones could keep away the crowds as Skinningrove treated thousands of visitors to spectacular fireworks.
CHRIS Froome kept his cool through searing heat and violent hailstones to stay 16 seconds clear of the pack heading into the first rest day of the Tour de France.
Hailstones consist mostly of water ice and measure between five millimetres (0.2 in) and 15 centimetres (6 in) in diameter.
Hayati Doy-ruer, a resident of the neighborhood told that hailstones were nut-sized and everywhere turned to white in a very short time.
The TV personality tweeted a video as hailstones hammered down along with the message: "End of the world in Belfast.
HAILSTONES as large as golf balls, flash floods and dazzling lightning brought parts of Birmingham to a standstill during a spectacular late summer storm.