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a skin disease characterized by large thin-walled blisters (bullae) arising from normal skin or mucous membrane

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A Swiss dermatologist from Bern rose from the audience to confirm the benefit of botulinum toxin in patients with Hailey-Hailey disease.
One patient "recalled, in tree fashion," 10 family members who also had confirmed Hailey-Hailey disease or its signs and symptoms.
The differential es acrokeratosis verruciformis of Hopf, Gro ver's disease, Hailey-Hailey disease, and pemphigus vegetans.
INTRODUCTION: Hailey-Hailey disease (HHD) is a rare autosomal dominant acantholytic disorder which recurs with remitting and relapsing episodes.
A case of Hailey-Hailey disease in an infant with a new ATP2C1 gene mutation.
Clinically, this was different from Hailey-Hailey disease in that papules were persistent for more than six years and there were no vesicles, fissuring and erosions.