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a major port in northwestern Israel

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Haifa city is situated on the Israeli Mediterranean Coastal Plain, the historic land bridge between Europe, Africa, and Asia, and the mouth of the Kishon River.
"Currently, the main issue delaying construction of the plant is the high price of gas, since the plant needs gas to produce ammonia," said the statement, which also acknowledged the Haifa depot was "an environmental and security risk."
Night of Firsts As Haifa Takes on the Nets [NJJN] Related: Members of the Team [NJJN]
"I admire his wisdom, his charisma," Haifa said in a Lebanese television interview after the war, adding that her admiration for Nasrallah grew after the war.
Because of its views, the Carmel is Haifa's main hotel district, where the major four- and five-star hotels are located.
"We would like to host the match in our city, Haifa, but that is impossible, so we would hope to host the game in the centre of the country in Tel Aviv.
UEFA awarded Haka a 3-0 win for the second leg, thereby overturning Haifa's first-leg lead.
Maccabi Haifa looked to have secured a third qualifying round tie against the Reds after a 5-0 aggregate victory over Finnish side FC Haka in the last round.
Haifa Wehbe responded to Nancy Ajram after she was imitated her on air during her interview in the show "Lahoun Wbass".
With her devoted following of "Haifaholics," as she refers to them, Haifa Wehbe wields enormous cultural influence as a singer, model and actress.
The IDF staged a surprise drill at its base at the port of Haifa as Iran completed ten days of "war games" that included a threat on Israel.
Tel Aviv (Israel), July 6 (ANI): Archaeologists from the University of Haifa in Israel have uncovered the remains of a house dating back to the period of the Kingdom of Israel at Tel Shikmona, on the southern edge of Haifa city.
Haifa Wehbe appeared in a special episode of the show "La Hon w Bass" (Until Here and it's Enough) during which she dazzled in a short green dress.
Haifa and Huda are two young women on an important mission; they want to change Lebanese society by promoting gender equality and giving young girls the opportunities they didn't have themselves.