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German chemist who was co-discoverer with Lise Meitner of nuclear fission (1879-1968)


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"We are thrilled and humbled to have been selected to represent our beautiful State and look forward to showcasing our unique American Made products that reflect the Mitten State in a fun & positive manner," Connie Hahne said.
While many legal services plans are offered to employees and paid for by employers, LegalShield markets to consumers directly, Hahne said.
Hahne, "An experimental study of the void fraction distribution in adiabatic water-air two-phase flows in an inclined tube," International Journal of Thermal Sciences, vol.
In downtown Newark, the Hahne & Co building was an early-20th-century department store that closed in the 1980s and reopened in January, after an extensive $175million renovation.
In its heyday, Hahne's attracted middle-income and well-to-do residents from Newark and throughout North Jersey who shopped its four floors ofthe latest designer fashions, furniture, domestics, kitchen appliances, sterling silver candelabras, fine jewelry and other accessories; whisked from floor to floor in elevators staffed by white-gloved, uniform-wearing operators.
Although the effect of item order or item position effect has been investigated to a relatively large extent (Hahne, 2008; Hohensinn, et al., 2011), research on option position effects in MC tests is scarce.
(4.) Szlosarek, R., Karall, T., Enzinger, N., Hahne, C., and Meyer, N., "Mechanical Testing of Flow Drill Screw Joints Between Fibre-Reinforced Plastics and Metals," Material Testing 55(10):737-742, 2013, doi:10.3139/120.110495.
"They realized that they were capable of doing something more than cook a meal," said music teacher Dellie Hahne. (29) Although the 1950s were in many ways regressive for women in the workforce, things would never be the same.
(2.) Hahne SJ, Gray SJ, Aguilera JF, Crowcroft NS, Nichols T, Kaczmarski EB, et al.
(2013) Jang, Hahne Testes de Estudantes do ensino Park (2014) medias e medio regressoes multiplas Estudos Principais Resultados Danes e Hira Os niveis de alfabetizacao (1987); Volpe, financeira oscilam entre os Chen e subgrupos de alunos Pavlicko (1996) Cutler (1997) A populacao norte-americana nao estava bem informada sobre as questoes financeiras, em particular, seguros.
Nestl Adriatic, C Hahne Mhlenwerke and Encian lead breakfast cereals sales in the country and are expected to record respective value shares of 30%, 16% and 14% in 2014.
Hahne and kubler generate and validate a model that describes the behavior of outdoor pools, with support from a trnsys 13.1 subroutine.
Concrete evidence of such endeavors is the university's adaptive use of 15 Washington (Street): the historic yet redefined environs of the American Insurance Company Building, envisioned as a premier event space for art, and its sister project, the renovation of the Hahne & Co.