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Synonyms for hag

Synonyms for hag

an ugly, frightening old woman

a woman who practices magic

Synonyms for hag

an ugly evil-looking old woman

eellike cyclostome having a tongue with horny teeth in a round mouth surrounded by eight tentacles

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Forty or so women are active HAGS members and 350 are on the e-mail list, which Mrs.
Once a year the group invites men to join them at HAGS & STAGS, a live-music event that raises money for a Grafton High School scholarship.
Women interested in HAGS should send an e-mail to syd95@aol.
Somehow the Hags get hold of the Sacred Freedom Stone and are threatening to come back to Goa and take over again.
The Shannon-based rescue helicopter was sent to sweep an area from Quilty north to Hags Head where the boat was last seen.
Traditional green wicked witches of the west, hags dressed in rags and, even a transsexual auditionee, tried out for the role.
Before I could finish my sentence, he replied, "Heather, you'll always be my number 1 fag hag.
Some people have told me that a fag hag is simply a straight woman who likes to hang out with gay men--for example, Debra Messing's character on Will & Grace.
PlayPower's fundraising program is called PlayPower FunRaising(TM) and is intended to help any organization raise funds from their community to help invest in and build playgrounds by its brands; Miracle Recreation Equipment Company, Little Tikes Commercial products and Hags Playground equipment; all owned by PlayPower.
A school or community has the potential to raise all the required funds for their new Miracle Recreation, HAGS or Little Tikes Commercial playground through the use of our programs.
Director Jim Fall makes a conscious decision to play the crossover card, and judging by the glowing reviews from straight critics, he pulls it off admirably, especially considering that Trick traffics in off-Broadway-style monologues, musical theater, drag queens (a delicious Coco Peru), fag hags (the courageous Tori Spelling), and Chelsea boys.
Five years--and many drugs, drinks, and men--later, the 31-year-old, San Francisco-raised, self-proclaimed "Korean-American, fag hag, shit starter, girl comic, trash talker" took herself off the comedy circuit road, cleaned herself up in her Hollywood hills home, wrote her one-woman show (titled "I'm the One That I Want"), and headed for New York City.