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Critical texts of the Aramaic versions of the Hagiographa were not included in A.
One of the lacunae in the Hagiographa targums has now been filled by the appearance of the volume under review.
Part four (six papers--Grossfeld, Flesher, Boccaccini, Maher, Hayward, Syren) concentrates on aspect of the Targums of the Pentateuch, while part five devotes four papers (Alexander, Beattie, Mangan, Ego) to the Targums of the Hagiographa. Part six (two papers--Wilcox, Chilton) looks at the Aramaic and Targumic background to the New Testament, while the final section (three papers--Norton, Kedar-Kopfstein, Stone), straying a little from the book's title, is concerned with Jewish traditions and Christian writings.