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Synonyms for Haggai

a Hebrew minor prophet


an Old Testament book telling the prophecies of Haggai which are concerned mainly with rebuilding the temples after the Babylonian Captivity

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(19.) The name Hassul (variant: 'Assul) could be an exception because it is also borne by men; see Hassul son of Haggay son of Hassul in the list of temple contributions, century of Nabu-'Aqab; preceded by his brother Mesullam son of Haggai son of Hassul, C3.15:29-30 (400).
Beit Haggay is located on a major road South of Hebron, and is built on land confiscated from a number of neighboring Palestinian farming villages.
Haggay Etkes, Hebrew University, "The Impact of Short-Term Climate Fluctuations on Rural Population in the Desert Frontier Nahiye of Gaza (ca.
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