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Synonyms for Haggard

Synonyms for Haggard

pale and exhausted, as because of worry or sleeplessness

Synonyms for Haggard

British writer noted for romantic adventure novels (1856-1925)

showing the wearing effects of overwork or care or suffering

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very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold

References in classic literature ?
It was morning when he rose up and came down into the kitchen-- haggard and ashen gray, reeling and dazed.
His haggard eyes turned to Defarge as if he would have transferred the question to him: but as no help came from that quarter, they turned back on the questioner when they had sought the ground.
The haggard head floated up the dark staircase, and softly descended nearer to the floor outside the outer door of the chambers.
Her chubby face, and his haggard, angular visage were both turned up to the cloudless heaven in heartfelt entreaty to that dread being with whom they were face to face, while the two voices -- the one thin and clear, the other deep and harsh -- united in the entreaty for mercy and forgiveness.
It was a smile that had in it something both of pain and weakness--a haggard old man's smile; but there was, besides that, a grain of derision, a shadow of treachery, in his expression as he craftily watched, and watched, and watched me at my work.
Utterson beheld a marvelous number of degrees and hues of twilight; for here it would be dark like the back-end of evening; and there would be a glow of a rich, lurid brown, like the light of some strange conflagration; and here, for a moment, the fog would be quite broken up, and a haggard shaft of daylight would glance in between the swirling wreaths.
The absence of furniture, the extreme meanness of the meal, and the haggard, bright-eyed, consumptive look of the culprit, unmanned our hero; but he clung to his stick, and was stout and warlike.
I startled my wife at the doorway, so haggard was I.
The Moon administration needs to walk a very fine line, insisting as a matter of principle that it has a right to self-defense while exploring defensive options that suit the circumstances," said Stephan Haggard, a professor at the University of California, San Diego, in an interview.
This book, which represents a memoir by Bill Haggard of his many years as a forensic meteorologist, is a beautifully written and engaging collection of stories covering four decades of court cases in which Haggard was involved.
star Buck Owens, Haggard defined the West Coast sound of country music in the 1960s and '70s.
As a delinquent youth, Merle Haggard spent time hopping freight trains up and down the West Coast, and on occasion the rails would lead to Oregon.
COUNTRY star Merle Haggard died yesterday from pneumonia.
Country musician Merle Haggard, who emerged from prison to become the poetic voice of the American working man with hits such as "Mama Tried" and "If We Make It Through December," died on Wednesday, his 79th birthday, said manager Frank Mull.
COUNTRY and western star Merle Haggard died yesterday on his 79th birthday.