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the clandestine military wing of the Jewish leadership during the British rule over the mandate of Palestine from 1920 to 1948

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These skills found their use when many Scouts joined the Zionist militia Hagannah. There are other chapters of the Palestinian Scouts' history that are yet to be committed to print, and that remain only in the memory of those who were there to bear witness.
The Irish-inspired Zionist groups like Hagannah, Irgun, and Lehi ("Freedom Fighters for Israel") as well as the Muslim Brotherhood, which used terror tactics to free Egypt from British control.
Third, three papers on the Palestine police and the methods used to put down the 1936-39 revolt showed not only the importance of the often brutal counter- insurgency methods imported from imperial experience in Ireland in 1922 and elsewhere, but also the extent to which armed Jewish auxiliaries were employed on the British side, some 18,000 in all, a process which contributed substantially to the development of the not-so-secret underground army, the Hagannah.
The men of Irgun, the Stern Gang, and the Hagannah terrorist groups came in the wake of the Holocaust.
The stories of the origins of the Hagannah, Irgun and LEHI are told in an original and exciting manner.