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the clandestine military wing of the Jewish leadership during the British rule over the mandate of Palestine from 1920 to 1948

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See Pat Allen Pentland, "Zionist Military Preparations for Statehood: The Evolution of Haganah Organizations, Programs, and Strategies, 1920-1948" (unpublished Ph.
Balad Esh-Sheikh, December 31, 1947 - the Haganah killed 60 Palestinians, most inside their homes;
So what we actually had were twelve guns in six varieties, a sampling of the hoard--mostly concealed under kibbutz manure piles--that the Haganah had stolen, bought from deserters, smuggled in, taken in battle, or built (e.
On May 3, 1948, two British officers from the Arab Legion, Colonel Desmond Goldie and Major Charles Cocker, met with two Haganah officers: Shlomo Shamir (Rabinovitch), member of the general staff, and Nahum (Golan) Spiegel, operations officer of the Golani Brigade.
Wellesley Aron of the Haganah maintained offices in the Hotel Breslin, on the lower west side, where potential soldiers were interviewed.
Ada Fishman, a member of the first two Knessets, and founder and first secretary of Mo'etzet ha-Po'alot (the Women's Workers' Council of the Histadrut and a sister organization of Pioneer Women), Beba Idelson, a member of the first five Knessets as well as being a Deputy Speaker and successor to Fishman as secretary of the Womens' Workers' Council, and Yitzhak Ben Zvi's wife, Rachel Yanait, a founder and prominent member of Achdut ha-Avodah (The Workers' Unity Party) and a Haganah leader in Jerusalem, all played significant roles.
Again Begin recalled the period of cooperation between Irgun, Haganah, and the Stern group, that lasted from the fall of 1945 till the summer of 1946:
Irgun decided, without Haganah support, to conquer Jaffa.
For example, on three successive pages we find the phrase, "the little death ships," a reference to "the steamers groaning under their burden of ten or twenty times their intended human cargo of Jews" smuggled out of Europe with the help of the Haganah or the Irgun which had broken through the British blockade, only to be kept from landing in Palestine.
While the cleansing of Qatamon went on, Itzhak Levy, the head of Haganah intelligence in Jerusalem recalled, pillage and robbery began.
In the months of April-May 1948, units of the Haganah [the pre-state defense force that was the precursor of the IDF] were given operational orders that stated explicitly that they were to uproot the villagers, expel them and destroy the villages themselves.
He grew up in Herzliya, joined the Haganah, as did his two brothers, in the pre-state battle for independence against the British.
In order to discourage Arab attacks on Jewish settlements, the Haganah created commando-like units--the Palmach--that launched pre-emptive strikes into Arab territory.
In fact, a few weeks after this tragic event, the man politically responsible for the Haganah (future Israeli army), David Ben Gurion, became Israel's first prime minister.
Sharon joined the pre-state Haganah Jewish underground at the age of 14.