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a short selection from the Prophets read on every Sabbath in a Jewish synagogue following a reading from the Torah

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An order of service from the 1906 confirmation ceremony conducted at the Eutaw Place Temple in Baltimore attests that the ceremony included time for speeches, a ceremonial reading of Torah and Haftorah, and a confession of faith made by one confirmant on behalf of the class.
On her office bookshelves, alongside hundreds of scientific volumes, Davis keeps the Pentateuch and Haftorah and the Siddur sim Shalom, the prayer book of the Conservative Movement.
Indeed, for bar/bat mitzva preparation a part-time rabbi is on payroll who travels to the kibbutz from Jerusalem to instruct in time honored Torah chanting and Haftorah reading.
The connections between the Joseph narrative and the Solomonic judgment were recognized by the Rabbis when they made the latter section the Haftorah for the former reading from the weekly parasha of the Torah, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.].
Girls in my Conservative shul weren't allowed to read Torah back then, but I rocked my Haftorah, a Girl Power story about Deborah the Prophet.
I remember most the invectives our Hebrew School teacher hurled at us--"Bom, shrinker mamzer." Somehow I managed to get through my haftorah. Of far greater importance was the opportunity for socializing with Jewish kids I wouldn't have gotten to know otherwise.
The accuracy of the text should make this Tanakh essential to students of the Hebrew Bible and to anyone who reads Torah, Haftorah, or any of the Megiloth in synagogue.
Dead Wrong: A haftorah of rigidity and ritual, by Liel Leibovoitz
Another opportunity to explore Jonah's message was the result of its reading as the Haftorah for Yom Kippur afternoon.
But actually, only the Amalekites were the Amalekites, and the Jews took care of them, but good, and every year, on Purim, we read Parshat Zachor, which tells of God's instruction that Saul spare not even the Amalekite animalssomething I happen to know because it was the haftorah I read when I became a bar mitzvah (which, in turn, happens to have been 14 years ago today; also, my Hebrew name happens to be Mordecai; anyway).
See also Oznayim LaTorah on 1 Kings 18 (re the haftorah to KiTissa).
The Book of Esther is read aloud twice, in a spoof of the king's proclamations, on which the story hinges, and of the reverence of the usual Torah and Haftorah reading, and the story is reenacted with drunken celebration, masks, costumes, and pageants.
I grew up in a Conservative Jewish home outside of Boston; I went to shul most Shabbats; I attended Jewish day school; I read the Torah and Haftorah at my Bat Mitzvah; I spoke Hebrew.
They range from the aesthetic (using an organ, replacing the shofar with a cornet) to the linguistic (reading the haftorah in English) to the calendrical (eliminating the second day of holidays, scheduling evening services later on Fridays).
Having completed another Torah cycle, Blessed Week Ever will now abandon the haftorah and return to look at the weekly parasha.