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a short selection from the Prophets read on every Sabbath in a Jewish synagogue following a reading from the Torah

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This diagnosis was probably quite accurate, though an elementary school teacher, Miss Meinen, gave me a D grade in Music for being a monotone, while insisting there was no such thing as tone deaf; a decade later the cantillation professor at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion rabbinical seminary would refuse to let me in his class, petitioning the faculty to exclude me from learning to chant the Torah and Haftarah.
This same idea of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], making the two discourses stand side by side as opposed to reconciliation, is also found in the haftarah of Terumah.
He had, of course, in his prayerbooks, translated a wide variety of Biblical texts, but in the Haftarah Commentary (1996, Union of American Hebrew Congregations Press), he came into his own as a Biblical translator, and he was commissioned to translate the Torah, of which only the Genesis volume was completed (forthcoming, Union of American Hebrew Congregations Press).
What we do have in the Bible is an overabundance of "false prophets" together with a few righteous seers who (to quote the Haftarah blessings) have become known as "prophets of truth and justice.
All I did was chant my haftarah (a passage from Prophets) from a Tanach, or Hebrew Bible, no different from the volumes everyone else could find in their pews.
THE HAFTARAH, A READING FROM THE PROPHETS RECITED publicly on Sabbaths, festivals, and certain fast days after reciting the required portion of the Pentateuch, perhaps originally acted as a farewell address before Jews left the synagogue after the Torah reading.
A memorable song of praise and triumph celebrates both victories; and the episode related in Judges is the appointed haftarah (prophetical reading) for the one recorded in Exodus.
I was mildly afraid of a rumble during the haftarah over the privilege of hosting us.
Gordon, then of Minneapolis, Goldman appears to have shortened the Torah reading to seven aliyot of only three verses, and also abbreviated the Haftarah (Prophetic Reading).
After all, I reread it every year on Rosh Ha-Shanah, when it serves as the haftarah (prophetical reading) for the first day.
But in Etz Hayim's inevitably shorthand form, even the Haftarah commentary loses much of its strength and power.
Finally, in light of Joel's message and prophetic style, as highlighted in this article, I encourage people to examine, study, and somewhat enlarge the haftarah for the Sabbath between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
It is interesting that the Haftarah for the week in which this narrative is part of the lectionary includes the story of Solomon's decision (1 Kings 3: 15-4: 1).
14) Now I Samuel chapter 1 is the haftarah (synagogue reading from the Prophets) on the first day of Rosh Ha-Shanah.
In addition, the yearly cycle of synagogue readings provides a reminder that the verb appearing in the naming statement as sarita can take the exact form of Sarah's name: sarah The public reading of Jacob's naming as Israel in Asbkenazic tradition is linked to a haftarah reading from the prophet Hosea that describes the renaming encounter with the words "[Jacob] sarah with God" (Hosea 12:4).