Hadrian's Wall

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an ancient Roman wall built by Hadrian in the 2nd century

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Heritage Minister John Glen said the agreement concerned research, education and tourism, involving a new world heritage Wall to Wall collaboration linking Hadrian's Wall experts with their Great Wall of China counterparts.
The delicacy, made up of minced meat, pepper, wine, pine nuts, and a rich fish based sauce, all formed into a pattie and cooked over an open fire, is being served up for the first time in a thousand years at Birdoswald Roman Fort on Hadrian's Wall on Saturday.
Entries are now open for the Hadrian's Wall Hike, which takes place on Sunday, April 26.
This summer, come and see some of the best preserved Roman sites in Europe on this famous frontier, and explore the fascinating story of Roman Britain - from museums, forts and re-enactments to live excavations and, of courss se, Hadrian's Wall itself, there's plenty to do.
A civil settlement was established at the site and was built around a Roman fort and Hadrian's Wall.
The beauty of the Hadrian's Wall Bus is, not only does it provide a novel and environmentally friendly way to travel, but children will not fail to be entertained with a special Roman treasure hunt to complete along the way.
It has an unusual inscription listing four forts at the Western end of Hadrian's Wall -Bowes, Drumburgh,Stanwix and Castlesteads -and even bears a name,Aelius Draco.
Archaeologists are excited because the names of four forts located at the western end of Hadrian's Wall - Bowes, Drumburgh, Stanwix and Castlesteads - are engraved on the vessel.
We know that people look after places that they love and with this crucial support from the National Lottery we hope that there will be a much greater understanding of Hadrian's Wall and the ancient stories and surprises that it continues to throw up.
AT-RISK sections of Hadrian's Wall are to be saved thanks to a new Lottery-funded project.
A SPECTACULAR event is taking place coast-to-coast along Hadrian's Wall this weekend, when the Roman structure will be illuminated by torches in a human chain of light.
FAMILIES visiting Hadrian's Wall Country this Easter will be spoilt for choice with the number of activities on offer along the Roman monument, allowing them to explore fascinating and fun history and the great outdoors.
NESTLED in open countryside between Hadrian's Wall and the Tynedale village of Haydon Bridge - and 40 minutes from Newcastle city centre - are these four stone cottages.
HADRIAN'S Wall needs little introduction as one of Britain's prime historical treasures.
A BIRMINGHAM couple have a specific reason to return to their favourite holiday spot - they have been selected to help 'light up' Hadrian's Wall.