Hadrian's Wall

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an ancient Roman wall built by Hadrian in the 2nd century

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Intended to enhance the national park's Dark Sky visitor experience, the new facilities are part of a planned multi-site 'Hadrian's Wall Observatory' incorporating landscape discovery centre The Sill and nearby Cawfields and Walltown.
And it names Hadrian's Wall as the UK's fifth most incredible sight, saying that the "mighty Roman legacy" leaves an "unforgettable impression".
Frances McIntosh, English Heritage's curator of Hadrian's Wall, said: "Today it may not be supersized like George RR Martin's colossal ice wall, but when it was built nearly 2,000 years ago, Hadrian's Wall would have been a huge, hulking sign of Roman imperial strength, and standing on the precipice looking north, you can tell why Martin was inspired by this ancient monument."
Enjoy our photographs from the Sunday Sun archive of sites along Hadrian's Wall.
The delicacy, made up of minced meat, pepper, wine, pine nuts, and a rich fish based sauce, all formed into a pattie and cooked over an open fire, is being served up for the first time in a thousand years at Birdoswald Roman Fort on Hadrian's Wall on Saturday.
Entries are now open for the Hadrian's Wall Hike, which takes place on Sunday, April 26.
Critique: A complex yet deftly written novel, "Hadrian's Wall" is raptly entertaining from beginning to end.
This summer, come and see some of the best preserved Roman sites in Europe on this famous frontier, and explore the fascinating story of Roman Britain - from museums, forts and re-enactments to live excavations and, of courss se, Hadrian's Wall itself, there's plenty to do.
During Roman times, Maryport was the site of a fort called Alaluna and served as a coastal supply line to Hadrian's Wall.
Clues to the questions can be found at forts and attractions along the bus route and visitors are encouraged to send their completed quiz back to Hadrian's Wall Heritage to be entered into a special prize draw.
It has an unusual inscription listing four forts at the Western end of Hadrian's Wall -Bowes, Drumburgh,Stanwix and Castlesteads -and even bears a name,Aelius Draco.
A unique Roman "souvenir" of the building of Hadrian's Wall has been discovered, archaeologists announced today.
Lynn Rylance, area manager at English Heritage for the North East and Cumbria, which includes Hadrian's Wall, said: "We manage a number of stunning Roman attractions along Hadrian's Wall and are thrilled that this wonderful part of the country has been recognised as a must-see by Lonely Planet.
FANTASY and the reality of life for the Roman garrisons on Hadrian's Wall will mingle for visitors to the world heritage site this year.