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Babylonian god of storms and wind

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I tried to give life to these machines," Hadad told The Daily Star, "to bring out the person that was hidden in them.
The 15 passengers were interviewed on Tuesday evening by our services and have voluntarily agreed to sign a document saying that they are ready to leave in 72 hours," Hadad told AFP.
E nesse cenario que a perfomer-cabaretera mexicana Astrid Hadad, de origem maya-libanesa, lanca o segundo album de sua carreira, Corazon Sangrante, no qual recupera, atraves do potencial politico das letras das cancoes de sua autoria, a tradicao dos espetaculos de revista das decadas de 1920 e 1930, que tinham seu foco nos eventos politicos diarios do cenario nacional a partir de uma performance que dialogava com um publico de massa.
Hadad and other students at the protest said endless study meant they could spout chunks from memory.
The protesters said that the government was trying to remove the tomb of Al Hadad, also known as Mbah Priok.
La diputada Maria Hadad Castillo (PRI), presidenta de la Comision de Equidad y Genero del Congreso del estado, ha hecho un llamado para que los medicos interrumpan ese embarazo.
I was very surprised to hear the song," Hadad said.
The Iraqi High Tribunal upheld his death sentence in a majority decision, as well as those of former defence minister Sultan Hashim Ahmad al-Tai and Hussein Rashid Mohammed, said appellate court judge Munir Hadad.
He dates the inscription to the beginning of the eighth century and concludes that it records a coalition of Jehoahaz of Israel and Joash of BaytDawid against Bar Hadad II of Damascus, the son of Hazael.
Editor Costantino, associate professor of Spanish and women's studies at Pennsylvania State, contributes a valuable in-depth essay on Lebanese-Mexican cabaret artist Astrid Hadad.
Performances by the Mexican dance troupe Delfos Danza Contemporanea and cabaret performer Astrid Hadad are scheduled for later in the season, along with a collaboration between the London-based East Indian video performers motiroti and New York's Builders Association.
1, 3, 15, 16 and those for Hadad texts as yet unpublished (nos.
Its Temple of Jupiter, built on the site of the old temple of the Aramaean god Hadad, was one of the largest in the whole of the East and sections that still exist today are its oldest architectural remains.
The Hadad Al-Tahaddi (Pigeon Chasing: Juvenile Peregrine) contest will be held in the evening.