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a large estate in Spanish-speaking countries

the main house on a ranch or large estate

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Overthrowing the loosely organized hacienda system with a rigid racial slavocracy, the British tried for decades to subdue the mountain insurgents.
The user services for the second phase of the renovation plan Hacienda systems of Barcelona City Council.
While acknowledging the links between land inequality and the colonial encomienda and hacienda systems and the links between the uneven spread of literacy and political voice from the colonial legacy of racial and ethnic discrimination, he challenges the idea that inequality has been persistent throughout the post-independence era, arguing that forces of modernization unleashed by the ruptures of World War I and the Great Depression, namely urbanization, industrialization, and ideological change, had far ranging consequences for the distributive policies of the 20th century and greatly changed the context in which the colonial legacies were operating.
Contract notice: The user services for the second phase of the renovation plan hacienda systems of barcelona city council.