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a royal German family that provided rulers for several European states and wore the crown of the Holy Roman Empire from 1440 to 1806

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Looking back now over many years, we can see that it might have been better for everyone, the Habsburgs included, if there had been even more recognition of liberty, at least in the sense of more national autonomy within the Empire (or within a Habsburg Commonwealth of Nations).
Its more specific studies of Habsburg patronage, royal iconography, and workshop practice should nurture many with a general interest in sixteenth-century culture.
DR OTTO VON HABSBURG is the eldest son of Karl, the last Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary.
As its slightly unfortunate title suggests, this author's overarching, but carefully grounded, scholarly account of the Habsburg encounter with the Ottoman Empire is moved very much by concerns of the present.
In the sixteenth century, the dynastic and religious struggle between the Habsburg and the Ottoman empires, above all, shaped perceptions of Islam.
In the event that the world reacts to globalisation by closing off its communities, we will once again be left on our own, at odds with our enemies and allies, with no motivation or plan whatsoever, with no money that Orban believes to be coming from the under-performing Hungarian economy and with no people left because everyone will want to move out.But, up until our last moment, we will wave our flags, build equestrian statues and have soldiers march wearing their laced uniforms because, just like the Habsburgs, we also reckon that it's enough to just fake the existence of society and the state, to imitate it with our ceremonies, with our increasingly incomprehensible words.
It represents a major contribution to the study of the Habsburg Empire and statecraft more broadly."
Indeed, within hours of Mary's death, the Habsburgs had instructed her mother, Helene Vetsera, to leave Vienna, lest she blow the lid on the coverup.
Galicia was to be the "land of experimentation," where Habsburg officials would build from scratch a new administration that would channel Vienna's policies to the province and create an educated Germanophone population (6).
Yet Wilson makes the point that "the Empire fractured incrementally under relentless French battering." Judson's history confirms that the Habsburgs had perhaps fifty years to drag their own realm into the modern age before the wars with France began.
By focusing on the policies of imperial government and their effect on the different peoples in the second-largest state in Europe, The Habsburg Empire: A New History offers a new lens through which to view the history of the Habsburg Monarchy.
Synopsis: The political landscape of early modern continental Europe was dominated by two rival superpowers: the Habsburgs of Spain and the Holy Roman Empire versus the French Kingdom of the Valois and Bourbon monarchs.
The Habsburgs: Dynasty, Culture and Politics by Paula Sutter Fichtner.
In Part III, 'Birthing Habsburgs', Maria Cruz de Carlos Varona examines the visual and material culture of maternity, from votive images to fertility amulets, that permeated the court and placed pressure on its women to fulfil their reproductive duties.