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interface consisting of a standard port between a computer and its peripherals that is used in some computers

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HVD occurs when the heart valves, which maintain one-way blood flow through the heart, are not functioning properly.
Although several miRNAs have been reported to be associated with cardiac disease, miRNAs and miRNA regulation are often overlooked as therapeutic targets in HVD (13).
Today, the Berlin branch of the HVD is the second largest player in the field of religious or worldview instruction in Berlins schools, teaching about 60,000 pupils every year, only topped by Protestant religious instruction of about 79,000, and clearly ahead of Catholic religious instruction of 24,000.
The HVD is installed above the conveyor between the block or paver line brushing and pallet/board transfer stations.
These lesions should be taken into consideration because, when present, they are of diagnostic value (TOKARNIA et al., 1991), similar to the HVD of epithelial cells of renal tubules (SILVA et al., 2006).
More than 80 percent of desktop virtualization implementations are based on HVD. Organizations are only looking at desktop virtualization from the point of cost requirement, and they overlook other benefits such as full data backup, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) support, extended hardware life cycles, security, compliance and anytime-anywhere access.
The Navy will also continue pilots, such as the Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) and mobility with handheld devices, he said.
In this paper, the Canny operator as well as our previously proposed horizontal and vertical differentiator (called HVD for short), which performs difference operation between consecutive pixels in [10], will be used for the detection of an edge.
"Unlike the traditional PC architecture, where local productivity tools are still usable in the absence of network connectivity from a user's client device to their hosted desktop, the HVD architecture provides no functionality.
[20.] Braun A, Jiggins J, Roling N, Berg Hvd and P Snijders A Global Survey and Review of Farmer Field School Experiences.
[13.] Pengpid S, Peltzer K, Heever HVD. Prevalence of alcohol use and associated factors in urban hospital outpatients in South Africa Int.
At this time the hypocapnia independent hypoxic ventilatory decline (HVD), which occurs during the first 5 to 30 minutes of a sustained hypoxic exposure, counteracts the initial HVR and reduces ventilation (25).
DaaS or Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) providers offer a pristine, policy-controlled session (either persistent or ad hoc) that can be accessed by a wide variety of devices.