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a set of tags and rules (conforming to SGML) for using them in developing hypertext documents

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Java applets and other custom plug-ins were developed to enhance end-user interaction within a Web page--successfully overcoming most of the obstacles associated with HTML forms.
As HTML documents have become common, their inadequacies have become more obvious.
The first involves converting an existing Word document to an HTML document, by first selecting File on Word's menu bar, then selecting either:
Those coded commands - the HTML - are what tell a browser how to display text and graphics on your screen.
However, XHTML documents can also be viewed by existing HTML 4.
Learning the complex HTML codes and placing them in the proper order is tantamount to computer programming.
In today's business environment, it is neither practical nor desirable to expect people to code HTML or to spend hours trying to master HTML composers.
Our HTML Guide provides marketers with all the key elements required to produce an email that not only gets through the minefield of filters and other barriers, but communicates effectively and even memorably.
While we realize that sites don't have to be exclusively Flash or HTML, we thought it would be interesting to limit our developers to an HTML-only site and see if they could pull it off.
5 Released, Featuring HTML Output Capabilities for Personalized Email and Web Microsites