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a set of tags and rules (conforming to SGML) for using them in developing hypertext documents

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Java applets and other custom plug-ins were developed to enhance end-user interaction within a Web page--successfully overcoming most of the obstacles associated with HTML forms.
As HTML documents have become common, their inadequacies have become more obvious.
The first involves converting an existing Word document to an HTML document, by first selecting File on Word's menu bar, then selecting either:
RoboHELP HTML Edition is the only native, WYSIWYG authoring tool available for creating Microsoft HTML Help files from start to finish.
An HTML source allows the designer to view and edit code.
Those coded commands - the HTML - are what tell a browser how to display text and graphics on your screen.
However, XHTML documents can also be viewed by existing HTML 4.
HTML+TIME is different from SMIL in that it builds on the concepts in SMIL but defines a syntax for timing and synchronization within actual HTML documents, providing a solution for developers who want to build HTML-based presentations that can integrate with other elements in the HTML page.
The Web browser accomplishes this by converting the plain HTML instructions into a visually pleasing graphic display - and it's these pleasing displays on the Internet's World Wide Web, called Web pages, that are proving to be the most popular new way for companies and individuals to display information.
Liinos has developed the first HTML Virtual Printer, LiinosPrint.