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a herpes virus that can cause genital herpes

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The changes include a plaza and public transport interchange aimed at creating a sense of arrival at the new HS2 station, replacing surface car parking with multi-storey car parks to free up land, improved pedestrian links and additional capacity for utilities.
HS2 will be the backbone of our national rail network, increasing capacity on our congested rail network with thousands more seats on commuter services, improving vital connections between some of our countrys biggest cities and generating jobs, skills and economic growth.
One result will be employers moving from the south into the North East where costs are lower, according to the HS2 study.
I'd like to encourage everyone here today to take the time to review the consultation documents and add their voices to the calls for a connected hub at Crewe, so that we can ensure that HS2 delivers real economic benefit to Cheshire and North Wales.
He said: "The North East has become the role model of what other cities should be doing to maximise the benefits of the HS2.
The current plans for HS2 would see a dedicated high-speed line from London go via Manchester Airport to Golborne, just south of Wigan, from where services will travel on regular lines towards Scotland.
Alstom's tilting trains have been built to achieve mainline speeds of around 300km/h--the HS2 trains are expected to travel at up to 360km/h.
And a Government spokesperson added: "As is normal for large projects, the Infrastructure and Projects Authority is conducting assurance of the HS2 programme as it proceeds into its delivery phase.
Mr Rukin said: "Whilst the Government admits Euston would have to be closed for 19 weeks for HS2 construction, which seems optimistic, it completely ignores the fact they intend to decommission two of the current approach lines into the station and the knock-on effects 16 years of construction would have on the entire West Coast Main Line.
e committee said there was a strong case for improving the trans-Pennine links - the so-called HS3 option - or building the second phase of HS2 rst.
The peers said there was a strong case for improving the trans-Pennine links - the so-called HS3 option - or building the second phase of HS2 first.
The Lords Economic Affairs Committee committee, who include Welsh peers Lord Rowe-Beddoe and Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach, as well as former Chancellor Lord Lawson of Blaby, argue there are less-expensive options than HS2 for solving overcrowding on the railways and these have not been properly reviewed They argue that far from rebalancing the economy, London is likely to be the biggest beneficiary from HS2.
Business leaders in the area have warned that the market could "permanently close" if the government's HS2 rail project goes ahead as planned.
But Network Rail believes cross-country and local services will be improved and attract new travellers to the railways as passengers rush to take HS2.
In a public accounts committee meeting yesterday, Redcar Lib Dem MP Ian Swales questioned why maps for the proposed new HS2 service showed trains running straight from York to Newcastle and not stopping at Darlington.