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a herpes virus that causes oral herpes

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In fact I had to nationalise HS1 to save it and make sure it was completed.
However, the Government will be able to re-let HS1 in 30 years time.
SONIMAGE HS1 uses a five level wave control algorithm to generate separate harmonic signals that cover the entire receive spectrum of the system.
It is thought that his report will recommend scrapping the proposed link between HS2 and HS1.
He is also calling for the proposed link north of St Pancras between HS2 and the Channel Tunnel HS1 line to be scrapped - saving PS500m.
What is needed is a high speed "end on" connection to HS1 and the Channel Tunnel.
That opportunity now arises again to give South Wales high-speed trains access to HS1 through the planned interchange west of Paddington.
The weak argument for it is the usual economic benefit for business and the country, when in fact the existing HS1 in Kent is under used, and those high speed projects in the Netherlands have to be bailed out to the tune of PS250m per annum.
HS1 through the Channel Tunnel and on to London has been of no benefit to Kent whatsoever, in fact the frequency of other rail services up to London has been reduced to try to boost its use, to the annoyance of Kent residents.
Although many miles from London, the new airport could link with the HS1 Channel Tunnel high-speed rail link to get passengers into central London in 40 minutes.
Other weapons charges he faces include "possession of a firearm namely HS1 pistol, Taurus pistol, Webley revolver and quantity of handguns with intent to endanger life" between 2005 and 2007.
But house prices in Ashford have fallen relative to house prices away from the HS1 stations.
The Digilent HS1 can drive the JTAG/SPI bus at up to 30Mbi/sec and is fully supported by the Xilinx[R] ISE Design Suite 13.
The following publicly funded projects are giving South East England enormous prosperity: HS1 from the Channel Tunnel to London.