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a process used for separating mixtures by virtue of differences in absorbency

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The specificity of the proposed HPLC method for the determination of MET, SIT, GPZ, and GBN in bulk drugs and in pharmaceutical preparations was investigated under the chromatographic conditions used for this analysis.
The K values were determined by HPLC as follows: Approximately 2 mg of crude extract was added to the test tube, and then 2 mL of each phase of the two-phase solvent system was added.
The developed and validated method is characterized by faster separation (3.5 min) in comparison with other HPLC methodologies and could be an alternative method for an advance technique such as HPLC-MS/MS.
Some HPLC methods are able to provide an accurate HbA1c result in the presence of levels of HbF as high as 25%, as well as detecting it, showing a peak in the HbF window.
Pictured, front from left, are David Walton and Lynda Bending from HPLC, with Adam Rock, Matt Kitson, David Pugh and Ian Pitt from Bruton Knowles and Julie Boardman from HPLC
Set for lift-off: Front from left, David Walton from Bruton Knowles and Lynda Bending from Harborne Parish Land Charity, with Adam Rock, Matt Kitson, David Pugh and Ian Pitt from Bruton Knowles, and Julie Boardman from HPLC.
Conclusion: In the present study both methods showed good correlation but the D10 HPLC system provided adequate throughput and improved precision as compared to immunoturbidimetric method.
Serotonin in body fluids: characterization of human plasmatic and cerebrospinal fluid pools by means of a new HPLC method.
21 June 2011 - Netherlands-based provider of antibody-based affinity purification technology BAC BV announced today that it has entered into a strategic collaboration with US-based Life Technologies (NASDAQ: LIFE) to bring the wide range of BAC's CaptureSelect affinity ligand specificities to Life Technologies' POROS chromatography media and pre-packed HPLC columns.
The most common method used for analysis of antiretroviral drugs is by HPLC. However, many laboratories in resource-constrained settings may not afford to have HPLC equipment, which also requires skilled personnel to operate it.
Written for university students studying analytical chemistry, applied chemistry, or forensic chemistry, this text explains high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) from a forensic science perspective, discussing practical solutions as well as theoretical considerations.
Assuming that the dialysate may be a preferred alternative for continuous monitoring of solute removal and adequacy of dialysis, the HPLC analysis of both serum and dialysate samples would be valuable as a source of information.
At the end of 12 weeks, the teens on the high-protein, low-carbohydrate (HPLC) diet lost an average of 9.0 kg, while those on the low-fat diet lost an average of 5.6 kg, a significant difference, Dr.
Post-column analysis takes place after a sample has been separated using HPLC, and involves the mixing of post-separation eluent with reagents that make the compounds of interest take on a bright color or fluoresce, either of which can be detected with UVVis fluorescence or absorbance instrumentation.