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any agent that enhances milk production

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Given the company's investment in infrastructure, VIS expects HPL to sustain its market position over the long-term.
The founding principle of HPL is that all students can achieve at the very highest level and this echoes our view of ensuring all our students receive outstanding education."
Schools that have undertaken HPL's rigorous 2-year World Class School Award scheme have met demanding standards and have transformed the way they function.
HPL, with 14 estates and 11 factories is one of Sri Lanka's frontline tea producing companies, with plantations in 7,206 hectares of arable land, at elevations reaching 4,800 feet above sea level.
Since fresh hPL is required for clinical use, it has been investigated whether outdated hPL could be a valid additive to cultivate adipose stem cells.
HPL's first commercial paper issue (CP-1) of Rs 1.5billion with a tenor of 6 months has been fully retired as per schedule, said a statement on Wednesday.
Moreover, HPL has continued to pursue expansion in its storage capacities and retail outlets.
Ushio America offers the largest selection of voltages and wattages of HPL lamps in the industry.
"The HPL acquisition expands our geographic footprint and adds capacity to provide our customers with great quality and service.
TI Laminates's HPL is 100% waterproof, and is tough enough to handle the Middle East's climate.
HPL Prototypes on the Windmill Industrial Estate in Birmingham Road, Allesley, specialises in creating prototypes from computer aided designs for global automotive, aerospace and marine companies.
THE West Bengal government on Thursday announced that the sole bid of Indian Oil Corporation for West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation's 39.9 per cent stake in lossmaking Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd ( HPL) has been accepted.
HPL is a business performance accelerator for small to medium -sized (SMEs) organised as a League that consists of teams composed of SMEs and multi national company (MNCs) that collaborate to achieve greater outcomes.
Four experimental diets were prepared: control (C), high protein (HP), high lipid (HL) and combined high protein and high lipid (HPL) diets.
THE Hidd Premier League (HPL) organising committee hosted a ceremony to announce the start of the HPL 2011 cricket season, which is now set for January 28.