high blood pressure

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a common disorder in which blood pressure remains abnormally high (a reading of 140/90 mm Hg or greater)

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Los HPB seleccionados fueron aquellos sujetos que tuvieran 6 o mas anos y menos de 17 anos al momento de la entrevista, que contaran con el consentimiento de los padres de participar en el estudio y su propio asentimiento.
CALCULATION OF COST EFFICIENCY Components Year 2002 2003 2004 2005 HPP (Rp/kg) 2470 2790 2790 2805 HPB (Rp/kg) 2804 3343 3343 3494 Cost efficiency 0.
24) As they do not contain hepatocytes, they remain hypointense in the hepatocyte phase following HPB agent administration.
Cada preparado fue observado al microscopio (Leica-IM 1000, DMLB, Alemania) en 10 y 100x con objetivo de inmersion y de acuerdo a la celularidad observada se lo clasifico como normal, con HPB o con PC [22].
En cuanto a la salud prostatica, se ha propuesto que estas sustancias podrian tener un efecto benefico (8) al reducir la tasa de crecimiento celular en dicho organo, lo cual repercutiria en una disminucion de la incidencia y la gravedad sintomatica de la HPB.
An inverse relationship between adhering to masculine norms and HPB is particularly strong if male peer pressure is experienced (Courtenay, 2000b).
Taking the HPHB and HPB systems as an example, the former system exhibited lower tensile strengths than the later, even though they have similar rigid-rod structures; presumably, the effect arises because of the different end groups of these systems.
The ability to perform HPB may be also compromised by the loss of social support that may occur with aging.
For years, HPB advertisements carried the smile of TV travel queen Judith Chalmers.
The containers meet HACCP, FDA and HPB regulations.
En la HPB se presenta un proceso inflamatorio no canceroso que hace aumentar de tamano la prostata, ocasionando problemas como dolor al orinar, miccion frecuente o durante la noche.
HPB,a life insurance bond investing in holiday properties and securities,has also upgraded the 18-hole golf course at Henllys.
The numerically controlled HPB 263A/NC SM-II will be shown with an inclined magazine and vibratory parts washer.
In October 1994 when I raised the mefloquine issue in Parliament, mid-level officials at HPB drafted a letter to DND demanding answers.