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a colorless explosive liquid that is volatile and poisonous and foul-smelling

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HNS's core network infrastructure coupled with its supply agreements with multiple UK network operators will provide material benefits to the enlarged group; broadening our service offering as well as providing cost synergies.
Adam Binks, SysGroup CEO, said: "I am thrilled to have made our second acquisition of the year and look forward to working with the HNS team in due course."
Raw HNS was provided from Shanxi Beihua Guanlv Chemical Co., Ltd.
"By partnering with NGD and using their tier 3-plus facility, not only are we adding even further geographical diversity and network redundancy to our highly-resilient cloud and colocation services, we are also gaining the benefit of NGD's unprecedented space and power for future-proofing our rack requirements as we grow," said John Volanthen, technical director of HNS.
The Cynatine HNS group had one withdrawal after Day 30 giving an N value of 25 for Day 30 and 24 for Days 60 and 90.
The Earl of Dartmouth, who owned much land around Huddersfield where HNS members were allowed to ramble, became a patron of the society.
Uefa said in a statement: "Uefa has opened disciplinary proceedings against the Croatian Football Federation (HNS) for the setting-off and throwing of fireworks, and the improper conduct of supporters (racist chants, racist symbols) at the Uefa Euro 2012 Group C match against Italy in Poznan on Thursday.
During the sittings members of the committee are familiarized with Lithuanian and NATO legislation regarding Host Nation Support (HNS), cases of rendering HNS and key needs.
Keratin Booster for Men with Cynatine HNS represents the latest innovation in men's healthy hair supplementation, the company claims.
The hypothalamo-neurohypophysial system (HNS) is a dynamic neurosecretory system responsible for the production and release of vasopressin (VP) and oxytocin (OX) in response to water regulatory and cardiovascular challenges, and to the events of late pregnancy, parturition and lactation [21].
Hughes Network Systems LLC, a provider of broadband satellite network solutions and services and a wholly owned subsidiary of Hughes Communications Inc (Nasdaq: HUGH), announced on Tuesday (8 July) that HNS Ltd, the company's wholly owned subsidiary, has been awarded a contract by Sistemas Tecnicos de Loterias del Estado (STL), a provider of information technology and telecomms services to the Spanish state lottery authority.
Hughes Network Systems Europe (HNSE), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HNS), a provider of broadband satellite network solutions, announced on Thursday (2 February) the launch of a rescue programme for stranded users of a European satellite ISP.
This was split, with HNS Global Trade redeeming its 50 percent membership interest from Schnitzer.