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Synonyms for HIV

infection by the human immunodeficiency virus

the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)

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MACROKINE(R) (WF10) is a proprietary chlorite-containing drug currently in Phase 3 studies of patients with advanced HIV disease in the U.
March 1990 for use in early symptomatic HIV disease and in asymptomatic HIV infection where there is evidence of impaired immunity.
The rapid growth in the number of drugs approved to treat persons with HIV disease accompanied by improved techniques to monitor the quantity of virus in patients have transformed the treatment of persons with HIV disease.
Many manifestations of HIV disease are similar in men and women.
While AIDS is still used as a generic term, many professionals now use the term HIV disease to describe this complicated disease process.
Three did not have requests for FCI, and one reported that FCI service was not available; each of these four treated three or fewer patients with HIV disease.
Other surveys indicate that nearly one half of primary care physicians believe that only specialists should manage HIV disease, [3] so it may be that many family physicians are not managing the AIDS patients who do present.
Instead, researchers believe that HIV disease itself leads to an imbalance between bone formation and bone resorption, possibly via increased cytokine levels.
1) In 1998, researchers conducting a multisite, longitudinal study of HIV disease progression in adolescents added questions about HAART adherence to the survey instrument.
This means that irrespective of their own infection status, all children born to mothers who were at an advanced stage of HIV disease or who died during follow-up (median infant age 15.
SAN FRANCISCO -- A look at the epidemiology of anal cancer shows the need for thorough anal exams, particularly in patients of either sex with HIV disease, Joel M.
Swiss researchers writing in the September 5 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine suggested that superinfection may accelerate HIV disease progression and could deal a major setback to AIDS vaccine research.
707 & 715) indicate that infection with a virus called "GB virus C" (or hepatitis G) may slow down HIV disease progression, thus improving survival in HIV-infected people.
Unimed currently markets Teveten(R) (eprosartan mesylate) for the treatment of hypertension, Marinol (dronabinol) as an appetite stimulant for people living with HIV disease and as an antiemetic for people with cancer, Anadrol(R)-50 (oxymetholone) for the treatment of various anemias, and Maxaquin(R) (lomefloxacin HCl), a broad-spectrum quinolone antibiotic, for both complicated and uncomplicated urinary tract infections.
For all the folks drowning in the sea of HIV disease, all of a sudden there's a lifeboat .