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a very light colorless element that is one of the six inert gasses

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The Scottish Government said: "The cost of maintaining NHS services is higher due to the additional measures required to be put in place at short notice following withdrawal of services by HES."
HES members are eligible for a 10% discount on tickets.
Mr Crawford said:"I am very pleased at the outcome of these discussions between HES and the community in Doune.
HES stopped trading in December and laid off hundreds of workers after being found to have breached its permits by storing excess waste on its sites.
Eosinophils are white-blood cells that play a central role in severe diseases such as asthma and HES, and dexpramipexole has been shown to selectively, profoundly, and persistently reduce blood and tissue eosinophil levels in multiple clinical trials.
In light of the recurrent use of HES and poor awareness of optimal fluid replacement therapy in Turkey, the aims of this review were to examine the evidence on the use of HES in fluid resuscitation, to discuss safety data and adverse effects, such as increased AKI and mortality, and to place these data in context with recent guidelines and updates from scientific and regulatory bodies.
Release 2018.12 features new HES board HES-XCVU9P-ZU7EV support including a comprehensive collection of FPGA prototyping resources, such as Vivado board definitions and sample designs.
HES Bakken Operations Solid: Contractually, HES subsidiaries are the only recipients of all of HESINF's services.
HES lost its contracts with NHS Scotland and 17 NHS trusts in England, but denied it was responsible for stockpiling body parts.
HES has a long-standing reputation for producing the world's lightest and most compact fuel cell systems, which can be as much as 5 times lighter than lithium batteries.
HES has continued to deny stockpiling hundreds of tonnes of human body parts and dangerous waste at any of its UK sites, which include one at Normanton, near Wakefield.
It comes after HES, which disposed of NHS waste, allowed amputated limbs, infectious liquids, material linked to cancer treatment and hazardous pharmaceutical waste to build up in huge stockpiles.
After 12 years developing hydrogen propulsion systems for small unmanned aircraft, HES Energy Systems has unveiled its plans for Element One, the world's first regional hydrogen-electric passenger aircraft.
HES was reportedly trying to export 750 tonnes to Holland, and in September there were 350 tonnes at its site in Normanton, West Yorks, alone - five times its 70-tonne limit.
Exxon Mobil (XOM) was awarded 25 blocks, the most for any company, followed by BP (BP) with 19 high bids and Hes (HES) and Equinor (EQNR), each with 16, the report says.