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a television system that has more than the usual number of lines per frame so its pictures show more detail

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The electronic superstore has a wide variety of HDTVs on sale in varying sizes and prices.
It runs 16 hours of HDTV programming a day, with listings updated daily on its Web site (www.
CineMaster HDTV delivers full-quality decoding and playback of broadcast digital television signals, including the 720 progressive format at 760 frames per second and the 1080 interlaced format at 30 frames per second.
The United States may be exporting an HDTV standard to its trading partners.
The report also looks back at historical HDTV household growth and forecasts worldwide HDTV households through the year 2012.
Where a standard NTSC screen is made up of a collection of about 250,000 tiny colored dots called pixels, the highest-resolution HDTV format will show around 2 million pixels.
The HE3100 supports not only each of the principle HDTV formats such as 1080i, 720p, but also 576i, 480i for SDTV formats.
MicroDisplay is partnering with these established brands to develop and distribute rear-projection HDTVs with screen sizes of 52" to 62".
Olevia[TM] also has a high-profile role as a Master Partner for HDTV products in The Dwell Homes[TM] by Empyrean, a collection of custom-designed, modern prefabricated homes.
Let It Wave's award-winning HDTV up-converter combined with breakthrough frame rate conversion clearly demonstrates how Altera programmable logic enables new technologies at consumer price points," said Tim Colleran, Altera vice president of the consumer, automotive and broadcast business group.
India will represent the major increasing uptake in absolute quantity for HDTV displays in the mid- to long-term, from 2008-2011.
Van der Leest commented, "Enuclia is proud to participate in DisplaySearch Taiwan's first International HDTV Electronics Conference.
a leader in HDTV technology, has selected VividLogic's Open Cable Application Platform (OCAP) 1.