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(computer science) a circuit or chip that translates commands into a form that can control a hard disk drive

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An excellent application for the new HDC product is the finishing of die-castings, for which until now plastic media--for example the type "ET" from Walther Trowal--has been used.
HDC will certify all courses delivered through the strategic collaboration.
Figure 1: The HDC Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights Regulation 1996 www.hdc.org.nz/the-act--code/the-code-of-rights/the-code-(full).
(22) The intervention of the federal government's propaganda machinery in almost every picture that Hollywood produced during the war further legitimized the HDC's orientation toward the redistributive, egalitarian themes of the Four Freedoms.
The HDC assesses the complaint and may decide to investigate whether there has been a breach of the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights (the code).
Housing Development Corporation (HDC) Acting President Richard Froehlich, and Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) Executive Vice President and COO Rachel Loeb.
HDC is a global platform that aims to change the way hotels access and manage their information across booking channels; it is one of just four startups chosen for the Intelak Incubator, now in its fifth cohort.
THE number of prisoners freed from jail on electronic tags has dropped after the introduction of tougher restrictions on home detention curfews (HDC).
At IBC 2018, Sony has unveiled four new live production system cameras, expanding the Sony HDC family.
He also said the government had no intention of setting up a special entity to take over the duties of Jakim and the Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) in overseeing the issuance of halal certificates.