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responding to or operating at a wide band of frequencies


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We are sure that our consumers will enjoy the HD voice, video calling and high speed data experience that they will experience as a part of this offer."
The rise in popularity of HD voice has accelerated the adoption of VoLTE globally, Al Abdooli said.
"Our customers demand high-quality services and with Ericsson's HD voice solution we further differentiate our services within the Bahraini market," he added.
HD voice refers to the next-generation technology which offers considerably higher voice quality for calls using both mobile and fixed networks.
The major carriers have been teasing with this vision of the future for years, and it looks like HD Voice is finally, for real, delivering on the expectations.
A key feature of the ZTE Blade APEX2 is the HD voice call quality.
An IPX solution can be compare to a big pipe in which there are many smaller pipes that carry different services, such as HD Voice, data and LTE Roaming.
The latest in HD Voice technology provides subscribers with higher-quality and better-call experiences on their HD-Voice capable handsets.
Wolfgang Wemhoff, Chief Technology Officer at Nawras, said, "We are the first operator in Oman and third in the GCC who have adopted this state-of-the-art HD voice network technology.
Combining the benefits of wireless communication with rich VoIP business features such as broadband sound which meets professional HD voice standards, W52P users benefit from freedom of movement, lifelike voice communications, multi-tasking convenience, and other business features such as intercom, transfer, call forward, 3-way conferencing, and more.
'HD Voice', also known as wideband audio, is a technology designed to make a caller's voice, and other noises, sound on phone calls as close as possible to how they do in person.
I have not heard any vendor or end user talk about HD Voice. Present levels of non-HD voice recording seem to be sufficient.
By interworking with Polycom's VVX1500 business media phone, video, HD voice and integrated applications can now be incorporated on this colour touch-screen desk phone.