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a digital recording (as of a movie) on an optical disk that can be played on a computer or a television set

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Toshiba's decision to withdraw from the HD DVD business paved the way for the Blu-ray format, promoted by a group of electronics makers led by Sony Corp., to win the battle for the next-generation DVD format.
Rickard and other shoppers marveled at the ridiculously low prices on a stack of now worthless discontinued Toshiba HD DVD player.
Toshiba has recently launched two new and exciting mid-level notebook computers that enable high quality HD DVD playback utilizing Broadcom's media PC technology.
The number of optional HD DVD players already sold worldwide is estimated at 300,000 units, they said.
A spokesman for the auction site said: "In the last two days alone over 200 HD DVD players have been listed for sale which is a 200% increase on average for listings of HD DVD players."
A"If you look at it from a purely technical side, HD DVD was perhaps slightly superior compared with Blu-ray,A" Checchia said.
However, Toshiba will continue to provide product support for the HD DVD technology, he said.
The format war between Blu-ray and HD DVD was compared to the earlier battle between the Betamax and VHS video formats.
HD DVD has struggled to compete against Blu-ray disc technology backed by Sony, Panasonic and five major Hollywood movie studios.
The company will stop making HD DVD players and recorders, ending the battle with Blu-ray, a rival format being developed by electronics company Sony and partners, to determine the industry standard.
In February, the electronics giant announced that it would no longer develop, produce or sell HD DVD disc players.
Also to buy for pounds 19.99 (HD DVD pounds 24.99), complete with a featurette about the making of the film.
We have a Toshiba HD DVD player, a copy of the DVD and soundtrack CD to give away to one lucky winner.
The Hz7220 is provided with a comprehensive software stack compliant with both Blu-ray & HD DVD specifications, and a reference hardware platform designed to significantly accelerate OEM/ODM development cycle.