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a colorless poisonous gas


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The presence of the peaks near 1630 [cm.sup.-1] is attributed to the stretching vibration of C=N, and the disappearance of the peak around 3450 [cm.sup.-1] may be inferred that the -N[H.sub.2] groups in PAH have reacted with HCHO, which can be confirmed by the significant changes in the comparative FTIR spectrum of PAHF fibers (Fig.
For the oxidation process over metal oxide, Sekine (2002) proposed a mechanism including reversible transformation between HCHO and HCOOH, formation of intermediate formate, and further oxidation of formate into C[O.sub.2].
A las horas de alta irradiacion solar la concentracion de HCHO en Parupa (campana de nov 2001) fue ~1ppbv.
se trata del hcho de la Masacre en si, sino que ambas narraciones se
[CO.sup.2] + [2H.sup.+] + [e.sup.-] hv.60[degrees]C,semiConductor [right arrow] CO,HCOOH, HCHO,MeOH (2)
HCHO g/mile 50/120K miles MDPV [3] --/0.032 10 [1,2,4,6] 0.015/0.018 (0.018/0.027) 9 [1,2,5] 0.015/0.018 8 [2] 0.015/0.018 7 0.015/0.018 6 0.015/0.018 5 0.015/0/0.018 4 --/0.011 3 --/0.011 2 --/0.004 1 --/0.000 In parentheses are additional temporary "relaxed" bins in effect until 2008.
Sarcosine + [H.sub.2]0 + [O.sub.2] [??] glycine + HCHO + [H.sub.2][0.sub.2]
In the liquid phase reaction, HCHO was the major product along with [H.sub.2].
bath components Concentration in (g/L) and parameters NiS[O.sub.4] x 7[H.sub.2]O 177 Ni[CL.sub.2] x 7[H.sub.2]O 32 CoS[O.sub.4]-7[H.sub.2]O 11 HCHO 25 HCOOH 23 [H.sub.3]B[O.sub.3] 30 Current density (mA/[cm.sup.2]) 30, 50, 80 Deposition time (min) 15, 20, 30 pH 2.5-3 Temperature 21 [+ or -] 1[degrees]C Table 3: EDX analysis of electrodeposited nanocrystalline Ni-Co layers.
The obtained C/[Co.sub.2]P/Pd sensor exhibits better sensing performance for HCHO detection than that of the C/[Co.sub.2]P and C/Pd sensor.
Sample of rotten rhizomes, asserted according to the visual symptoms, were fumigated in formalin chamber for 15 minutes, then the rotten rhizomes were transferred (4-5 pieces) to the PDA-plates aseptically inside the culture room, which was previously disinfected by spraying HCHO and with UV light.
Quantifying the natural variation of formaldehyde (HCHO) emissions during the manufacture of wood composite panels (e.g., particleboard, medium density fiberboard or MDF, etc.) and estimating the costs incurred by controlling the natural variation of HCHO emissions are the goals of this study.