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a hemoprotein composed of globin and heme that gives red blood cells their characteristic color

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In contrast, samples from the two patients who were known to be heterozygous for AT HBS defect produced a single band when run in the absence of heparin, but two bands of similar staining intensity when run in the presence of heparin.
Sonuc: HBS hastalarinin buyuk bir kisminda kotu uyku kalitesi, dikkate deger bir kisminda gunduz asiri uykululugu saptanmis, yaklasik ucte birinde depresyon gorulmustur.
Sonuc: Calismamizin sonuclarinda HBS ile ilgili farkindalik oraninin anlamli derecede dusuk oldugu ve hastaliga uygun dogru yaklasimin hastalar tarafindan bilinmedigi gorulmustur.
Bu bulgularin isigi altinda calismamizin amaci dogurganlik donemindeki gebe olmayan kadinlarda HBS sikligini ortaya koymak, ayrica hasta olan kadinlarda olusan hormonal degisikliklerle, semptom siddeti, HBS'ye bagli uyku bozuklugu ve yasam kalitesi arasindaki iliskiyi saptamaktir.
Accessories to the system include an anodised aluminium swinging arm and for the HBS 50 system, a trolley that fits directly onto the distribution line.
At Hilton International's European Chief Engineer's Conference in Prague this year, attended by engineers from throughout Europe, HBS was the only mechanical and electrical (M&E) contractor from the UK to be invited.
The next NCPLH fast-track course at HBS will be on June 25, 2008.
In the past, HBS did this through paper surveys, but its rapidly expanding client base meant it could no longer rely on this type of feedback.
HBS has a ten-year public private partnership agreement with Middlesbrough Council in which its 1,000 staff provide a range of front line services including housing benefits and council tax as well as back office services such as property management, human resources and IT.
Since its founding in 2001, HBS has emerged as a leader in microparticle delivery system and functional rheology technologies, creating a wide range of proprietary offerings that enable personal care companies to uniquely differentiate their products and provide novel consumer benefits.
ENERGY RESOURCE-10 October 2006-PEOPLE IN ENERGY: Claude Luster Named President of HBS BioEnergy(C)2006 JeraOne - http://www.
The new sensor, designed and produced by Northrop Grumman, is known as the High Band System Production Configuration Unit (HBS PCU), hardly a name that rolls off one's tongue but, nevertheless, the HBS PCU is a key subsystem of the Airborne Signals Intelligence Payload (Asip) that is currently under development.
HBS faculty members post classroom lectures, interviews, documentaries, and on-site tours to the OVL to usher in fresh perspectives that students won't find in any textbook.
In addition, HBS claims its donor organ technology has demonstrated a potential for extending the shelf life of donors "beyond anything ever attempted before.
Harvard Business School (HBS) Press has signed a deal with China's Commercial Press to release HBS Press books in China.