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Thus, the aim of this study was to analyze the association between overweight and obesity with HBP according to sports practice in young people.
The primary outcome was to determine the optimal number of systolic HBP readings above goal (135 mm Hg), from the last 10 recordings, that would best predict elevated 24-hour ABP.
2006) also postulated that higher loss of semen parameters with higher amount of HBP could be due to an increased cholesterol efflux in the spermatozoa which led to more pronounced cryo-damage.
The most frequently associated pathology to HBP was diabetes (or 47%; n = 99), followed by kidney failure (8.
Generally, the epithelial lining of HBP mucosa among the animals in this group showed hyperplasia and mild dysplasia with basilar hyperplasia and pleomorphic hyperchromatic nuclei.
One of the talks is dedicated to the collaboratory, service-oriented Web portal serving as a central unified access point to the six HBP platforms (neuroinformatics, brain simulation, HPC, medical informatics, neuromorphic and neurorobotics platforms) for the researchers inside the flagship project.
Variables were created for the disease diagnosis (yes = 1 and no = 0), separately for all three diseases; CVD, HBP, and high cholesterol diagnoses.
And whether you are at risk for HBP or have it, aim for 30 minutes of activity daily, heading for 10,000 steps.
Prof Henry Markram, director of the HBP at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, in Switzerland, said that the project is an attempt to build completely new computer science technology that will enable us to collect all the information we have built up about the brain over the years.
The economic and industrial impact of such a shift, HBP project members agree, is potentially enormous.
El HBP tiene como objetivo elaborar el modelo mas detallado del cerebro, con el fin de estudiar como funciona el cerebro humano que, en ultimo termino, permitira desarrollar terapias personalizadas de las enfermedades neurologicas y afines.
HBP will sign a definitive Operation Agreement to jointly produce and process thermal coal from an already producing mine, with around 5,500,000 metric tonnes of obtainable coal deposits of a calorific value range 5,900-6,500 Kcal/Kg, in an area of 80.
The HBP is similar to a group health or dental plan with one notable difference—there is no cost to local employers or organizations.