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an abbreviation for 'hazardous material' used on warning signs

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This minimized the time it takes to respond to and begin cleaning up HAZMAT spills.
"We're currently in the process of creating prototypes of this new HazMat boot.
"It accurately and simultaneously tracks hazmat owernership, location and chemical compatibility.
"We have to ensure that our personnel know how to store each of these HAZMAT products safely," said AD1 Rick Poland, Helicopter Squadron Light (HSL) HAZMAT coordinator.
The DoT publishes HAZMAT rules and regulations under Title 49, Parts 100-199, of the Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR 100-199).
The Kansas City Fire Department honored the men of pumpers 30 and 41 by adding those numbers and purchasing a new unit, Hazmat 71.
As part of the recent revision cycle, the 472 Committee focused on two main areas: 1) the blurred distinction between traditional hazmat response and its relationship to the growing hazmat/WMD terrorism response issues and 2) the perception that the current standard does not address the needs of the emergency response community as a whole and is merely a "fire service" document.
The literature related to HAZMAT transportation is primarily limited to safety (Mejza et al.
Department of Transportation (DOT) issued a rule requiring that all hazmat carriers conduct threat assessments and draft basic security plans for their operations covering facilities, personnel, and in-route security.
Companies that offer for transport, or actually transport, Department of Transportation (DOT) hazardous materials must ensure that all of their hazmat employees are properly trained as outlined in 49 CFR 172.700-704.
Sporty's told me to send it back but when I wrapped up the package, I was informed by UPS that because of the CO2 cartridges, it was hazmat. I called Sporty's and suggested I just remove the CO2 and render the package non hazmat.
For further information, see the Canadian Brownfields Chronicle in the April/May 2006 edition of HazMat Management magazine.
Other fields of coverage include Environmental ("HazMat Management" and "Solid Waste & Recycling"), Insurance ("Canadian Underwriter"), Laboratories ("Lab Product News"), Manufacturing ("CIEN" and "MRO"), Paper ("Pulp & Paper Canada" and "Les Papetieres du Quebec") and Transportation ("Canadian Transportation & Logistics," "Motor Trucks" and "Truck West").
The act requires truckers carrying HAZMAT licenses to undergo background checks and be cleared by the secretary of homeland security from being a security risk.
Safety Net, a web-based document management retrieval system, was demonstrated for those shipping exceptional Hazmat cargo to help users select correct authorization documents.