phosphoric acid

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Synonyms for phosphoric acid

an acid used in fertilizers and soaps: H3PO4

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Damascus, (SANA) -- Syria and India on Tuesday signed a memo of understanding on developing the fertilizers industry in Syria to produce phosphoric acid (H3PO4) and phosphate fertilizers to cover the needs of both the Syrian and the Indian markets.
A study of rosemary oil as a green corrosion inhibitor for steel in 2M H3PO4. Pigment and Resin Technology 2006, 35, 95-100.
Table 1 summarizes the texture characteristics of the produced activated carbon as affected by the variation of temperature and H3PO4 concentration at constant activation time of 2 hours.
Khedr, "Capacity of Activated Carbon Derived from Pistachio Shells by H3PO4 in the Removal of Dyes and Phenolics," J.
The localised corrosion resistance of 316L SS metallic implant due to H3PO4 treatment is being studied through electrochemical study involving cyclic polarisation experiment.
Buffer solutions (pH 3-9) were prepared by 0.04 M H3PO4, 0.04 M CH3COOH, 0.04 M boric acid and the pH was adjusted with 0.2 mol L-1 NaOH solution.
After 30 min, 50 ml of deionized water, 3 ml of concentrated H3PO4 and 0.5 ml of 1% defenilamina (Barium diphenylamine sulphonate, 0.16 %) indicator were added.
A silica gel was prepared by hydrolysis and polycondensation of TEOS assisted by the dropwise addition of H3PO4 with stirring at room temperature overnight, in which the molar ratio of TEOS : H2O : H3 PO4 was 1: 11: 0.02.