sulfuric acid

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(H2SO4) a highly corrosive acid made from sulfur dioxide

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From XRD results, it is also deduced that at higher concentrations of H2SO4, Zn has highest selectivity in comparison toother metals.
Therefore, 5 mL of 2 M H2SO4 can recover the As(V) ions from the banana peel surface.
60 g of raw material was weight and impregnated in 600 ml 10% H2SO4 (v/v) and 10% ZnCl2 (w/v), respectively for 24 hour with continuous stirring.
0 g of oven dried plant material, 30 ml of concentrated H2SO4 and 5 g digestion mixture [K2SO4; CuSO4; FeSO4 (100g; 10g; 5g)] was mixed, digested on the gas heater in Kjeldhal digestion flask, cooled and made up the volume to 100 ml.
HCl has proved to be the most corrosive among the common acids, excluding HF, while H2SO4 and HNO3 have little action on most glasses.
After the precipitate settled, 100 ml clear supernatant was separated in fresh bottle, to which 2 ml H2SO4 was added, mixed well and immediately titrated with 0.
Airvac systems are sealed, so there is no H2SO4, inflow, infiltration or exfiltration.
The residue was reacted with H2SO4 to increase sodium chromate recovery.