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shaped in the form of the letter H

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The centre consists of an H-shaped building with three separate learning spaces.
Organized around a basic H-shaped plan, the rectorate is an emphatically horizontal volume enclosed by low, white stucco walls with plinths of honey-coloured stone.
The energy efficiency of the 493 H-shaped town houses will also be optimised as part of the overhaul.
The new extension occupies a narrow, tapering courtyard behind the roughly H-shaped plan of the existing faculty complex.
The building is a Grade II listed neo-baroque building with castle-like three-storey building and H-shaped layout with Mansardwalmdach from 1904 - usable area approximately 4 500 mA.
respective ceiling height, wall thickness about 10 cm, wall surface coated sheet steel, filled with KMF and asbestos, including dismantling and disposal of the H-shaped connecting profiles between the individual wall elements, for KMF and asbestos is the TRGS 521 and TRGS implement 519;- Manufacture plasterboard walls, 2-sided planked in F 30/90 Quality;- Manufacture plasterboard shaft walls, 1-sided planked in F 30/90 Quality;- Establishing a special construction made of calcium silicate boards based on a ZiE of iBMB Braunschweig for connecting the aforementioned walls and shaft walls to equipped with a fire resistant plaster steel beams;- Installation of suspended ceilings from mineral fiber plates incl unitized substructure and track system in painted steel sheet;.
The car has new geometry MacPherson Strut front suspension and high rigidity H-shaped twist beam rear suspension that provides operational stability and comfortable ride.
The new building is a central building with a cafeteria and courtyard-like free-range H-shaped : docked to the existing building.
works mainly include: - the establishment of markup (shifting existing bt4 for neutralization of the slow path, brought new bt4 for complement, cladding and temporary signaling), - demolition of the gba type retention device, - the sinking in the embankment of the embankment of h-shaped metal piles 7 to 10 m high, over a linear length of 400 m, - the insertion between piles of prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs and associated with a geotextile, - the implementation of a compacted backfill between the structure and the existing platform to form a stable shoulder, - rehabilitation of the roadway, restoration of equipment (sanitation, restraint) and signaling (erasing yellow marking, vertical).
At night they spin an our H-shaped web in low vegetation in which they hang upside down to catch prey passing beneath.
Six H-shaped titanium screws form the visual spine of the case, joining the satin-finished titanium crown and pushers as its few opaque elements.
Graham, the building employs an H-shaped floor plate designed to maximize the exposure of natural light and air-flow to its occupants.