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German printer who was the first in Europe to print using movable type and the first to use a press (1400-1468)

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"Under the proposed regulations, if Gutenberg was doing now what he was doing in the 15th century, he would be sued for using content that does not belong to him -- the Bible, which he reprinted -- and would have been censored," the artist told BIRN.
Piccolomini praised Gutenberg's printed pages as being so clear they could be read 'without spectacles'.
Speaking on behalf of Gutenberg's new client, Smarten Spaces, an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that helps real estate companies and enterprises globally digitise spaces and experiences that enhance performance and productivity, Dinesh Malkani, Founder & CEO, Smarten Spaces, a Singapore headquartered company, expressed his delight at Gutenberg's expansion to the ASEAN market.
"We are honored to see Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and Helmholtz Institute Mainz, two highly respected members of the research community, adopt NEC's latest HPC solution as part of extending the capabilities of the MOGON-II cluster," said Yuichi Kojima, Vice President HPC EMEA at NEC Deutschland.
Also, the student-to-teacher ratio." (Gutenberg instructors are referred to as "tutors," not professors.)
With the new integrated technology, publishers have a solution to develop EPUB 3 content in Gutenberg's MyEContentFactory 7.0 and publish directly into VitalSource's Bookshelf platform for distribution.
La distribucion frecuencia-magnitud de los eventos sismicos (Gutenberg y Richter, 1944; 1954) (ecuacion 1), es una de las relaciones empiricas mas conocida en sismologia; es extensamente usada con el proposito de estimar la probabilidad de ocurrencia de estos eventos sobre un nivel de magnitud dada, para definir el caracter sismotectonico de la region (Karnik, 1972; Carter y Berg, 1981) y en la deteccion de cambios significativos en la evolucion temporal de la sismicidad (Smith, 1981; Mulargia y Tinti, 1983).
Searching something that could be found in a text from Project Gutenberg, for example, could also be available at its many mirror sites and is also likely to have been republished elsewhere.
It has been called a "Gutenberg moment," named for the inventor of the printing press.
This is how Peter feels about Fust's request that Peter abandon his promising career as a scribe to apprentice to Johann Gutenberg. The cunning inventor's rote technique of making books seems blasphemous to all who learn of it.
In a settlement agreement with the Canada-based British Columbia Securities Commission Bank Gutenberg AG Gutenberg Management AG and Gutenberg Group AG have admitted they traded securities on behalf of British Columbia residents, contrary to the legal requirement to be registered.
Editors Strecker (cultural anthropology, Johannes Gutenberg U.
Esos mismos ignorantes aun creen que la imprenta fue "inventada" por Gutenberg, y tambien creen que los mal llamados numeros arabigos son de origen arabe, solo porque asi se les designo en Europa (ni el matematico Leonardo de Pisa, del siglo xii, los llamo de esa manera).
Casablanca - L'ecrivain, universitaire et chercheuse Aicha Benamour-Bennis a remporte, mercredi, le premier Grand Prix Gutenberg dans la categorie francophone de la creation litteraire pour son ouvrage "Lettres de Fes.
Many of our professionals today are trying to keep their eyes closed to this fact and they obstinately present the problems as lack of global democratic spirit, and lose their way and risk to fall behind and turn into a distant romantic echo from the Gutenberg galaxy.