Gustavus III

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king of Sweden who increased the royal power and waged an unpopular war against Russia (1746-1792)


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Loyal and obedient, Finland remained isolated from the convulsions that shook much of the rest of Europe, its elite fondly attached to the fundamental laws imposed by Gustavus III in the teeth of noble resentment.
2 Augustin Ehrensvard (1710-1772) lies in the middle of his creation in a magnificent Neo-Classical tomb reputedly designed by his king Gustavus III (with J.
King Charles XIII (1748-1818), and his eider brother King Gustavus III (1746-1792), sons of Adolphus Frederick, also had a mineral collection, perhaps obtained in part from their parents, which was donated to the University in 1804.
Price follows both through the archives of Europe, finding, for example, letters written by Breteuil to Gustavus III of Sweden, and tracking down Bombelles' papers, including his correspondence with Breteuil and those with Louis XVI's brothers.
The assassination of Sweden's King Gustavus III in A Masked Ball is depicted -- by both Auber and Verdi -- as the result of the king's love affair with another man's wife.