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someone who makes or repairs guns

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Another pro tip: Deformities in a hammer face can transfer to the work piece, so it is wise to keep your ball-peen hammer dedicated to gunsmithing work.
In addition to all of his hands-on work with guns, barrels, and cartridges, Ackley also did a lot of writing, particularly in the general area of gunsmithing. One account of his life went so far as to say, "It was his writing that made him Americas Gunsmith'...." He wrote for several magazines, including Shooting Times (writing a monthly gunsmithing column from i960 until 1982), and he also authored five books.
Robar's gunsmithing and firearms division was established over three decades ago as the brainchild of Robbie Barrkman.
First, you can contact the various gunsmithing schools such as Trinidad Junior College in Trinidad, CO, or the Colorado School of Trades in Denver.
I was finally able to get over my shock and uttered a few words which must not have been totally idiotic as it was the beginning of a long relationship with Bob, his son Frank, and the finest gunsmithing supply company in the world, Brownells.
It seems (or so Eric was told) the BATFE shut down the gunsmithing business and required the 'smith to obtain a manufacturing license as he was now making barrels and not just repairing guns and rifles.
"Combat arms is to gunsmithing what ice skating is to being an astronaut," he said.
Omaha, NE, February 26, 2011 --( As one of the finest gunsmithing businesses in the Midwest, the next step for Carl Jarl Group was to become affiliated with one of the largest and most progressive firearm wholesalers in America, Davidson's Inc.
My profession is gunsmithing. For 43 years and still going it has made a good living for my family and me.
Pistols and shotguns lay all over the workbenches in the room where Neel and her five gunsmithing coworkers practice their trade.
Used CNC gunsmithing machinery is a great way to save on costs and start a machine shop that lets you manufacture parts and guns meeting your choice and requirements.
We are young and hoping to revitalize the dying art of the gunsmithing with a smalltown operation in Inverness, Florida.
The "Basic Gunsmithing" article Roy did (Insider, May/June 2017) was great.
You don't say what gun you are considering doing this to, but if it is a common-one like a Remington 700 or Savage 110, premium off-the-shelf barrels requiring little gunsmithing may be available (Brownells has 'em).
Q: I AM AN AVID READER OF SHOOTING TIMES, AND I LIKE THE WIDE range of articles covered in the magazine: new products and reviews, reloading stats, gunsmithing, etc.