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a bag made of burlap

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At a meeting of Sindh Chamber of Agriculture here on Sunday, the farmers representatives said 29 days have passed but neither gunny sacks distribution has started nor the wheat procurement centres have been opened.
Each of us, again using gunny sacks, toted 50 pounds of carrots while hitchhiking back home.
Dozens of Dene men carried the radioactive ore on their backs in gunny sacks.
The company, which started out making gunny sacks in St.
Many are forgotten, stowed in old gunny sacks in barns and garages, waiting for someone to pick them up and dust them off and say, "Hey, now isn't this a neat old thing?
Some California exporters, however, use gunny sacks.
PESHAWAR -- The bodies of two youths were found from gunny sacks in the jurisdiction of Mathra Police Station, police officials told on Friday.
At a meeting of representatives of the SCA here Sunday, the farmers also complained that they were also suffering due to delay in the supply of gunny sacks in addition to the drop in the government's procurement target from 1.
Officials found 20 boxes of Erimin-5 in a through-out search of the container, apart from 200 gunny sacks of Chewing tobacco and 100 boxes of Indian joss stick, which had been declared.
PESHAWAR -- The bodies of four persons killed by gun shots were found dumped in gunny sacks in Risalpur area of Nowshera district here on Tuesday.
Six tortured dead bodies, packed in gunny sacks, were found from different areas of the city.
Police recovered two tortured dead bodies of young men packed in gunny sacks from near Islamia College in the limits of Jamshed Quarters police station.
Four dead bodies, packed in gunny sacks were found from Ramswami, Shoe Market, Bagh Halar street and Napier Sarya street of the city.