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a bag made of burlap

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My husband and I were hunting morels in the Cascades recently and we saw dozens of workers filling hundreds of gunny sacks with ponderosa pine cones between Sisters and Suttle Lake.
But since I installed a gas furnace I've had the warmest barn in the county, what with all the gunny sacks full of wood shavings lining the walls.
With the residents taking turns, the city employee would empty the grass catchers directly into the waiting gunny sacks.
Dozens of Dene men carried the radioactive ore on their backs in gunny sacks.
The company, which started out making gunny sacks in St.
Many are forgotten, stowed in old gunny sacks in barns and garages, waiting for someone to pick them up and dust them off and say, "Hey, now isn't this a neat old thing?
Materials arrived at supply depots in gunny sacks, crates, and boxes, or were unpackaged.
Some California exporters, however, use gunny sacks.
Haseena and Abdul were found, however, thanks to a tip-off five days after they were murdered, buried in gunny sacks.
A meeting of the SCA at its office here on Sunday, chaired by SCA's President Dr Syed Nadeem Qamar, also pointed out that the wheat farmers in Sukkur had not been given the gunny sacks, which had delayed the wheat harvest.
HYDERABAD -- The wheat farmers have complained that the gunny sacks are not being distributed among them in Sindh despite the provincial governments announcement to start the process from March 1.
PESHAWAR -- The bodies of two youths were found from gunny sacks in the jurisdiction of Mathra Police Station, police officials told on Friday.
Officials found 20 boxes of Erimin-5 in a through-out search of the container, apart from 200 gunny sacks of Chewing tobacco and 100 boxes of Indian joss stick, which had been declared.
Then we'd load gunny sacks with seed and at the end of the day, we'd load up the pickup and drive into Stuart, Neb.
However, they maintained that despite the announcement neither the gunny sacks had been provided to the farmers nor the wheat procurement centers had been opened.