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(19th century) a man's high tasseled boot

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I am a trustee of a small UK registered charity, the Gumboots Foundation which has its administrative base in Birmingham.
In mild irony residents pondered the purchase of gumboots and umbrellas and were hardplaced to figure where they could buy them.
Baseball caps and t-shirts: Don't go well with tweed, gumboots or ties, so have never really caught on in Britain.
Bozinovski's building, which opened in January, is like someone tastelessly dressed, arrayed in gumboots, lace stockings, a brocade skirt and a Chinese silk shirt, all heavily accented with bling and what appears to be a cosmonaut's helmet.
His varieties of miniature shoes and sandals include pencil heels, floaters, and even gumboots.
There is the loud, forceful gumboot dancing, the stage cloaked in atmospheric darkness except for the sway of miners' lamps; this dance originated from the horrific conditions within South Africa's gold mines during apartheid: with no drainage the miners were given gumboots to wear, chained up and forbidden to speak.
Importer seeks plastic containers; small, medium and large buckets; rubber boots or gumboots.
A South African tap dance in yellow gumboots to Lady Madonna evokes the "children at your feet" line from the song.
Within the Group classification, each country contains its own unique typology and these have country-specific names such as High Rise in Paris (France), Local Shop Keepers (Greece), Busy Bush and Beach (Australia), Green Idealists (Denmark), Expats and Super Rich (Hong Kong), Celtic Roots (Ireland), Suits and Gumboots (New Zealand) and Southern Blues (USA).
Coun Mike Whitby, leader of Birmingham City Council, yesterday donned hard hat and gumboots to kickstart work on the site, where Masshouse Developments is building 173 residential apartments and 212 underground car parking spaces as the first part of the pounds 350 million,1.
But stumble upon a little-known Teesside treasure set in the picturesque countryside of Great Smeaton and you'll soon be thinking stilettoes, not gumboots.
October 15-18; Stephen Petronio dancing Broken Man, City of Twist, and The Island el Misfit Toys October 21-23; Gumboots November 4-16; Josef Nadj November 19-22; Companhia de Danca Deborah Colker in 4 by 4 November 29-December 7; Victor Ullate Ballet December 10-14, and MOMIX in Opus Cactus December 16-22.
I just want to say what a real pleasure it is to be able to stagger up here without having my gumboots sucked off'
One is still a tomboy at heart - in raincoat and gumboots, striding out in all kinds of weather to go fishing or walk her dogs.